A Big Thank You! (and a much delayed follow up to my most popular post)


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Hi all!

I wanted to write a dedicated post to thank anyone and everyone who’s visited my blog, bought a book, read a book on Kindle Unlimited or followed me on Twitter. Y’all are amazing and it honestly humbles me how many people I’ve managed to connect with.

There’s a pretty big chance you’ve stumbled across my website whilst searching for information about the mystical, elusive and magical Holy Grail of the “Hands Free Orgasm”. It’s my most popular post. I never thought it would be but I hope the post has helped a few people in their investigations into journey of self-pleasure and discovery.

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Hands Free Orgasms and Erotic Audios


Ok, I’ll admit even I was cynical about the possibility of a male HFO (the accepted abbreviation for a Hands Free Orgasm) until it happened to me. Several times.

The first time I even looked into coming without using your hands or touching yourself was when I had a small tear on my ‘banjo string’ (frenulum for all you medical types). I was desperately horny but didn’t want to risk any kind of extra friction lest I end up shooting blood instead of my load. Lube was out of the question as it stung but I really wanted to get off.

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Gendermorph 4: One Of The Girls

Gendermorph Final4V2

Part 4 of the Gendermorph series is available to read on Kindle!

The covers are going through the colours of the rainbow and chakras and we’re all the way up to green!

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’. This part carries on from the third after Alex’s friend Lorna plants the seed of using his powers to assume a fully female form and join her and the red haired temptress, Denise for a yoga class and more.

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Gendermorph 1: Discovering The Girl Inside

Gendermorph Final1V2

I’m pleased to announce I’ve finally finished working on my new series of erotica-Gendermorph!

The First part has been uploaded and the rest will soon follow, I’ll write a new blog post for each one.

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’ which my partner has managed to find and tease out of me. It made me think-what would it be like to actually shift gender? Would it be a struggle? Would having two different sets of genitals cause conflicting emotions, feelings and drives?

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