A Big Thank You! (and a much delayed follow up to my most popular post)


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Hi all!

I wanted to write a dedicated post to thank anyone and everyone who’s visited my blog, bought a book, read a book on Kindle Unlimited or followed me on Twitter. Y’all are amazing and it honestly humbles me how many people I’ve managed to connect with.

There’s a pretty big chance you’ve stumbled across my website whilst searching for information about the mystical, elusive and magical Holy Grail of the “Hands Free Orgasm”. It’s my most popular post. I never thought it would be but I hope the post has helped a few people in their investigations into journey of self-pleasure and discovery.

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Hands Free Orgasms and Erotic Audios


Ok, I’ll admit even I was cynical about the possibility of a male HFO (the accepted abbreviation for a Hands Free Orgasm) until it happened to me. Several times.

The first time I even looked into coming without using your hands or touching yourself was when I had a small tear on my ‘banjo string’ (frenulum for all you medical types). I was desperately horny but didn’t want to risk any kind of extra friction lest I end up shooting blood instead of my load. Lube was out of the question as it stung but I really wanted to get off.

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