Adult Games To Play With Your Other Half Number 6: Visiting A Dominatrix


I think I’ve saved one of the juiciest and most ‘out there’ suggestion till the end of my ideas. It’s exactly like it says in the title. Preferably with your other half.

There a quite a few dominatrixes who offer ‘couples’ sessions. During which they will teach you various aspects of the BDSM culture. They may ask you about hard and soft limits and what you are hoping to gain from the the experience.

You may also decide to visit separately and then share your experience later but I’d be worried of that old relationship killer jealousy rearing their ugly head and biting you afterwards. For peace of mind, and to really understand what your partner wants as a submissive, I would suggest you go together-even if one of you merely watches and learns.

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Niche Fetishes: Impregnation, lactation and more


Impregnation fantasies are a thing. Women wanting to become pregnant or ‘bred’. Men wanting to do the ‘breeding’. Even men wanting to become pregnant have them it seems as lines between gender become more blurred. There’s quite a few people talking about them on reddit and other such forums and there’s a wealth of porn on the matter. If we’re including pregnancy in general it’s almost always listed as a separate category by itself on most sites so it seems it must be pretty popular.

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