The Joy Of Queefs!

Pretty girl with great fly-away hairAs I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, my partner and I have been using condoms as our primary method of birth control for the last year of our relationship. I listed the pros and cons in the blog post but there was one thing I hadn’t considered I was missing till I watched a scene in a porn movie recently – queefing!

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Finding Self Love Within Others


If you can’t love yourself, how are you gonna love anybody else? Words we’ve all heard. Words which make perfect, logical sense. If you aren’t the best possible version of yourself, why would you want to put that onto anyone else? All your problems, insecurities and baggage? I understand the sentiment but I just can’t carry it out with any conviction.

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The Positive Male Role Models Stan Lee Created For Me


Image from Pixabay

A few thoughts and feelings in the wake of the passing of the great man himself. He lived a good, long life. He created universes. He redefined a genre. He saw things and did things most of never will. But for me he represented so much more.

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Hands Free Orgasms and Erotic Audios


Ok, I’ll admit even I was cynical about the possibility of a male HFO (the accepted abbreviation for a Hands Free Orgasm) until it happened to me. Several times.

The first time I even looked into coming without using your hands or touching yourself was when I had a small tear on my ‘banjo string’ (frenulum for all you medical types). I was desperately horny but didn’t want to risk any kind of extra friction lest I end up shooting blood instead of my load. Lube was out of the question as it stung but I really wanted to get off.

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Adult Games To Play With Your Other Half Number 7: Over To You!


For the final part of this series I wanted to close by hearing any suggestions anyone else has. Perhaps things I’ve not yet tried such as swinging, sex clubs, erotic getaways or anything else I might have missed. If it’s something that interests you, let your other half know-they can only say yes or no. And you never know, it may be something which has been on their list too.

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Adult Games To Play With Your Other Half Number 6: Visiting A Dominatrix


I think I’ve saved one of the juiciest and most ‘out there’ suggestion till the end of my ideas. It’s exactly like it says in the title. Preferably with your other half.

There a quite a few dominatrixes who offer ‘couples’ sessions. During which they will teach you various aspects of the BDSM culture. They may ask you about hard and soft limits and what you are hoping to gain from the the experience.

You may also decide to visit separately and then share your experience later but I’d be worried of that old relationship killer jealousy rearing their ugly head and biting you afterwards. For peace of mind, and to really understand what your partner wants as a submissive, I would suggest you go together-even if one of you merely watches and learns.

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Adult Games To Play With Your Other Half Number 5: Posting Pics Online


This one can be tricky ground to negotiate but let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

If you’re reading this blog I can assume you’re already at least a little bit kinky. If so, you’ve probably taken at least a few sexy pics or videos of yourself, your other half or both of you at the same time. If not, that would be step one.

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