50 Assorted Poems (Work In Progress)


My love for you frightens me

It is something that is deep

It is something I can’t fully explain

It is something I don’t want explained

Sometimes I just want to feel

And that is what you do

And I feel blessed and humbled

But also a little scared


When I am tired

You soothe me

When I complain

You listen

When I can’t take any more of the world’s hate

You show kindness and affection

When I fail

You tell me to try again

When I succeed

You celebrate with me

When I sleep

You hold me

And when I wake

You smile

And maybe that is all I need from this world


If love is to be fully experienced

You must give in to it

Drown in it completely

But also

Let it stray away from you

Let it lap at your ankles like a tide on the shore

Just kissing the parts of you no one else does

Touching inside you

Awakening things you didn’t know you wanted

Letting you explore yourself as you explore each other

A swirling mass of flesh where all of creation is made

And two bodies find each other

Take each other to the edge

And beyond


Thank you

For supporting me

Pushing my boundaries

Making me try things I would never normally try

Feel things I have never felt

Discover things about my soul

My emotions

My body

That I didn’t know were there

You’re presence in my life is the main thing that stops the world being unbearable

And for that

I definitely have to thank you


You infuriate me

You can’t see what you did

Why can’t you understand what you have done?

Could it be the sleight is in my head?

And you don’t know because I haven’t given voice to my feelings?

Or did you actually do it?

Love is the most confusing of all emotions

It transcends logic

Defies reason

Overlooks common sense

And sometimes plays tricks

And makes us forget

Whilst reminding us of everything


When I’m ill

In the middle of the night

During the day

Early in the morning

You will always rush to my aid

You’re my superhero

And will forever be

You never let me down

And I will strive to do the same

I won’t always succeed


Until my dying days

I will try

I will try


Did I ruin your life?

Spoil it for everyone else?

Does having to listen to me

Drag you down daily?

What if I tricked you?

And we were never meant to be

But what if you tricked me?

But I am too blind to see?


Love is the only reason we get up

Fall down

Make mistakes

Redeem ourselves daily

And forget everything that has gone before

It pushes us

Pulls us

Lifts us up

Keeps us down

Love is everything

Invisible, powerful

Ever present and ever lasting


I feel frustrated

Why can I not be better for you?

I want to be and angel

A devil

And more

But I fail miserably at being anything at all for you

You run while I trip

You soar while I flip

You glide where I’m stuck on the ground

I will keep trying

And I won’t fail you

But this trying is hard

I wish I could tell you how bad I want to be amazing for you

How it’s all for you

I will make you proud

I will make someone proud


You’re my happily ever after

My reward for the pain

My family in the absence of one

My shelter in the rain

One day you will leave me

Or I will leave you

Through normal means

Or mortal ends

But this I know is true

My time with you is eternal

It will burn forever more

And our love will inspire millions

And they will inspire millions more


Your fingers

Take me over

Push my pleasure too far

Too fast

To limits I did not know I had

And beyond

You make my body respond

In ways I didn’t know it could

And feel things

I never thought it should

When you are on me

Or in me

Invading my core

I feel helpless

Violated in the most pleasurable way possible

My breath catches

And my body shakes

As my pleasure pours from me

I am your slave

I am yours


Why won’t you tell me

All that’s wrong in your head?
Why to you think you have to carry

All your fears and dread?

Let me lighten your load

Shoulder it all

I have the strength

It will never fail

Please let me in

And I will help

Tell me everything

And I’ll let you melt

You don’t have to always be happy

Let your darkside in

Your darkness is beautiful

I love your sin


When you hurt

I hurt

When something is bothering you

And you don’t know what it is

I will try to cheer you up

I will do all I can

If there is nothing I can do

I will sit with you and your pain

If there is nothing we can do

We can just sit and watch the rain

When the clouds roll over

And the darkness sets in

When you’re feeling low

Let me be your friend

I will be your light

When all others go out

I will always try

Even if I can’t help

I will always try


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