New Series! Fertile Fantasies

Fertile Fantasies 1 cover

I’m proud to announce the first part of my next series will go live tomorrow, Fertile Fantasies. I first got into the idea after exploring it for this blog post and the idea stayed rattling around my brain since then.

It’s the story of a woman who finds a magic fertility stick whilst camping which then blesses her with the power of amazing orgasms, but at a cost-she must receive a man’s seed inside of her in order to climax.

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Hands Free Orgasms and Erotic Audios


Ok, I’ll admit even I was cynical about the possibility of a male HFO (the accepted abbreviation for a Hands Free Orgasm) until it happened to me. Several times.

The first time I even looked into coming without using your hands or touching yourself was when I had a small tear on my ‘banjo string’ (frenulum for all you medical types). I was desperately horny but didn’t want to risk any kind of extra friction lest I end up shooting blood instead of my load. Lube was out of the question as it stung but I really wanted to get off.

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Retired Sex Toys

ToysSo when clearing out your drawers, boxes, shelves or wherever you keep your old toys you will come across some you’ve not used in a while. Or you’ve only used once. Or they’ve broke and are in a very sorry state.

What to do with old sex toys? You can’t recycle them. You can’t give them to anyone as a present- “Hey this has been inside of me and gave me hours of fun! Your turn!” As far as I know there’s no drop off point (think ‘toys for adults’ charity boxes) and they’re a bit difficult to shred or burn.

So we just throw them out in the trash. Preferably hidden in some old towels, boxes or disguised underneath something lest the neighbours see our old novelties being tipped into the garbage truck.

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Being ‘The Reacher’ In A Relationship


There’s a chance, if you’re reading this, that you read other blogs about sex, relationships and everything else involving what two people can do together. If you’re like me part of your reason may stem from a desire to better yourself for your partner. Or to try and answer why you are like you are; why certain things appeal to you and not the rest of the mass populace. Or you might just be a bit pervy and enjoy reading about other people’s kinks.

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Free Sex! (Well, free Erotica)

Books page

After finishing the Gendermorph series recently I’ve decided to work on a science-fiction series focusing on impregnation and pregnancy which I hope to release one part at a time as they become ready to publish. I became more intrigued by this kink when I was researching it for a previous blog post.

Because of this, I’ve re-designed my covers and descriptions for my original Recording Fantasies series. This is the series which started me writing again, where I learned to touch type and began to explore how to put my feelings, desires and fantasies into coherent words.

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Adult Games To Play With Your Other Half Number 7: Over To You!


For the final part of this series I wanted to close by hearing any suggestions anyone else has. Perhaps things I’ve not yet tried such as swinging, sex clubs, erotic getaways or anything else I might have missed. If it’s something that interests you, let your other half know-they can only say yes or no. And you never know, it may be something which has been on their list too.

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