Gendermorph 6: Training The Girl Inside

Gendermorph Final6V2

Part 6 of the Gendermorph series is finally out there!

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’. Part six concentrates on Alex having to come to terms with his libido being out of control. His sister catches him ‘in the act’ and recommends someone who helps ‘their kind’ with transitioning. Someone who sounds a lot like a Dominatrix.

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Gendermorph 5: Drinks With The Girls

Gendermorph Final5V2

Part 5 of the Gendermorph series is open for business at Amazon!

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’. Two different scenes are played out in this part-Alex’s insatiable libido needing calmed after class with a roadside quickie and then Denise, Lorna and Alex hit the clubs for a ‘girly’ night on the town. There are a few more tender moments between Alex and Lorna and his feelings begin to deepen for her as he realises she can always be relied upon to support him, keep his secrets and help him get dressed to go out in public as his female alter-ego, Lexi.

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Gendermorph 4: One Of The Girls

Gendermorph Final4V2

Part 4 of the Gendermorph series is available to read on Kindle!

The covers are going through the colours of the rainbow and chakras and we’re all the way up to green!

The Gendermorph books are based loosely on my own experiences of having a ‘pussy’. This part carries on from the third after Alex’s friend Lorna plants the seed of using his powers to assume a fully female form and join her and the red haired temptress, Denise for a yoga class and more.

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First Time Trying Panties


My first experience wearing women’s panties was quite some time ago. Over ten years in fact.

First up I would like to state that I know most women in the UK prefer the term ‘knickers’, whereas Americans seem to use ‘panties’. Then there are strange idioms such as ‘panty-sniffer’ but you wouldn’t say ‘knicker-sniffer’. Likewise, you can have ‘crotchless knickers’ but not crotchless panties’.

I think of both terms as interchangeable but I personally prefer ‘panties’ as they imply a kinky undertone. Probably tracks with me wanting to feel like a ‘girl’ rather than a ‘woman’ or maybe something else I’ve not even thought of.

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The Journey Begins

Phoenix WomanSo here it is. First blog post. It’s honestly kinda strange even writing these words knowing that there’s a quite high probability that they’ll never actually be read by anyone as I haven’t got a clue about digital marketing, SEO’s (they’re important apparently!) or how to get people to find you online. Saying that, (deep breath) here goes…

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