Adventures At The FreeUse House 1 – She Gets Used

The Freeuse HouseI’m back with another series! Sorry for the long hiatus but hopefully it will have been worth the wait. This set of stories are a bit different from what I’ve written before in terms of viewpoint and subject matter but they ended up being some of my best work (I think, let me know once you’ve had a read through.)

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Final part of Mystical Mating finally released today!

mystical mating 5

Sorry for the delay but…The final part of the series is finally available on Amazon!

This episode sees Ivy returning and Eric having to explain himself. Like the previous series, Fertile Fantasies, this results in some make-up sex after explanations are given and a resulting pregnancy as Ivy is currently ovulating upon her return.

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Part 4 available now!

mystical mating 4

For part four, Eric is still looking for solutions and decides to return to the shop where he purchased the ‘cursed cock-ring’ in order to confront the attractive shopkeeper and find some answers. This being the Magical Mating series, the visit results in some hot sex with the exotic, Oriental woman who summons Aine to the party, too.

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