Adult Games To Play With Your Other Half Number 3: Browsing Online Sex Shops


Ah, shopping. It divides couples, stresses everyone out and reminds you why you don’t like leaving the house during daylight hours. That last one may just be me but you get my point-shopping is rarely fun.

Fast forward to the digital age and it’s a whole different entity. We can browse Amazon in our underwear, pick through beautiful, custom made prezzies on etsy in our pyjamas and-the crux of this article-look at a bewildering amount of sex toys without actually having to admit what we’re secretly into.

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Adult Games To Play With Your Other Half Number 2: Monogamy Board Game


Monogamy is, what appears to be, one of those cheesy board game ideas for couples which would result in more embarrassment and laughter than any sexy times. At least, that’s what I thought. I’m so glad I was wrong.

After you’ve been with a partner a long enough time you’ll probably own nearly every sex toy you could ever need. And then some. And some free ones which get sent with the ones you actually ordered. So what are you going to do when you’re browsing a site like Lovehoney or Bondara and you’re stuck for ideas?

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Adult Games To Play With Your Other Half Number 1: Cock Hero


As you ‘settle’ into a relationship, it can be hard to suggest new things to try out in the bedroom (and beyond!) As such, I want to share a few little things me and my other half have tried.

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My Experience Of Arousal Nonconcordance


“Take your trousers down behind the curtain and then pop up on the bed and we’ll have a look.” Words we’ve probably all heard. I imagine if you’re female you’ve heard them even more. My trip to the doc was to get a small, persistent anal fissure checked out. It’s not too bad but like a bad penny it keeps turning up. So I relented to my partners request and went and took a trip to the doc.

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Comparing Male And Female Underwear

lingerie-160612_1280Male underwear is boring. This is fact. Whether it’s loose fitting boxers, tight Y-fronts or jockey style underwear it serves a purpose-to hold and possibly protect your bits from being caught in a zipper. And that’s it. It can be decorative in terms of what’s printed on it or fun but sexy? That’s a tricky one.

Of course, sexy male underwear exists. It’s just that it’s mainly in the form of satin thongs, leopard print posing pouches or some kind of novelty face or ‘hat’ to contain your bits. Funny, sure. Sexy, no. It’s definitely not as good as conveying the ‘I’m in the mood for something kinky’ message female underwear is.

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Celebrating Summer!


Summer’s here! And let’s all celebrate (aside from those of us with hayfever!). Let’s celebrate the days being longer. The air being fresher. People (generally) being in a better mood. Let’s celebrate holidays. Barbecue gatherings with friends. Trips to the beach and ice cold drinks when you’re just too hot.

But let’s also celebrate bravery. Summer is a time when we all show more than we’re used to. And not just physically.

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Work Process


I wanted to write a (very) short blog post to explain my writing process and what readers can expect from my books.

I try to tell a compelling story within each chapter or book I write. Each one will have a central ‘sex scene’ but I hope that the build up is just as good as the ‘payoff’ for my readers.

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