The Positive Male Role Models Stan Lee Created For Me


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A few thoughts and feelings in the wake of the passing of the great man himself. He lived a good, long life. He created universes. He redefined a genre. He saw things and did things most of never will. But for me he represented so much more.

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My Superhero Origin Story


My first foray into ‘erotic writing’ was a made-up scenario sent into the mens magazine Club International way back in 2003-2004 (can’t remember exactly when) written from a female perspective for their readers letters section ‘Talkin’ Blue’. It was about a girls fictional lesbian experience with a friend whilst on holiday where, after being disappointed by the locals becoming too drunk to fuck, their conversation turned more and more ‘blue’ (see what I did there?) until they ended up in a sapphic frenzy of tongues, fingers and even a hairbrush.

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Work Process


I wanted to write a (very) short blog post to explain my writing process and what readers can expect from my books.

I try to tell a compelling story within each chapter or book I write. Each one will have a central ‘sex scene’ but I hope that the build up is just as good as the ‘payoff’ for my readers.

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The Journey Begins

Phoenix WomanSo here it is. First blog post. It’s honestly kinda strange even writing these words knowing that there’s a quite high probability that they’ll never actually be read by anyone as I haven’t got a clue about digital marketing, SEO’s (they’re important apparently!) or how to get people to find you online. Saying that, (deep breath) here goes…

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