A Big Thank You! (and a much delayed follow up to my most popular post)


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Hi all!

I wanted to write a dedicated post to thank anyone and everyone who’s visited my blog, bought a book, read a book on Kindle Unlimited or followed me on Twitter. Y’all are amazing and it honestly humbles me how many people I’ve managed to connect with.

There’s a pretty big chance you’ve stumbled across my website whilst searching for information about the mystical, elusive and magical Holy Grail of the “Hands Free Orgasm”. It’s my most popular post. I never thought it would be but I hope the post has helped a few people in their investigations into journey of self-pleasure and discovery.

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The Journey Begins

Phoenix WomanSo here it is. First blog post. It’s honestly kinda strange even writing these words knowing that there’s a quite high probability that they’ll never actually be read by anyone as I haven’t got a clue about digital marketing, SEO’s (they’re important apparently!) or how to get people to find you online. Saying that, (deep breath) here goes…

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