About The Recording Fantasies Series

The Recording Fantasies Books are my first ‘professional’ (if I can call it that!) foray into writing erotica. I really enjoy writing them, capturing situations that have happened in my own life, but with a different spin on them, or situations I would love to happen (come on threesome, one day!)

They are the stories of a married couple who are professional musicians, traveling the world working and exploring together.

The story is told from alternating viewpoints and explores the characters emotions as well as their actions. Every chapter can be read as a self contained erotic adventure story or you can read the entire book to see how things develop. The couple are never referred to by name making it perfect to read and imagine yourself in either lead role. It should be noted that there are many kinky twists and turns and the action may suddenly head in a direction you weren’t expecting – be warned!

With this series I really wanted to emphasise the love between the two characters and how that trust translates into their ability to discuss and explore their fantasies openly with their other half. This stems from my own disappointment with erotica based on the ‘stranger’ genre where things escalate to a crazy level of kinkiness and the stranger in question just happens to know what the male or female protagonist is into.

My own experience (and I’m sure a lot of others) does not align with this. With a new partner the sex might be good (or even great) and I’m not knocking the whole ‘freedom’ a character can enjoy with an anonymous partner but it’s just unrealistic that upon your first encounter with a stranger you might ask them to do something as kinky as piss all over you or tie you up. These things require a massive amount of trust. The kind of trust forged in long term relationships.

Hopefully this comes across within the stories in this series. It comes from a passionate belief that ‘settling down’ does not mean ‘settling’ sexually at all. If any of the narratives inspire people to explore or even open up a dialogue with their partner about these things please get in touch personally or in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you, it’s my main reason for writing! To spread good, kinky, consensual adult fun between two people whatever their gender bias, kink, relationship status or background!

I’m hoping to write ten books for the Recording Fantasies Series but, as each book is quite long in itself, this might take some time. Please be patient! And if you have any ideas for adventures and/or romantic locations please let me know!


There are excerpts from each book wherever you can purchase it from but I wanted to share below a few of my favourite paragraphs from each book. I had a lot of fun thinking about them, fantasising them and then finding exactly the right words to express myself.

Recording Fantasies Vol 1: London Bound

“Now the other side.” she declared and set about administering four strikes on my right cheek. I moaned out loud in between every strike, completely losing myself in the moment and enjoying the warmth pooling at the centre of me. The pleasure and pain mixed at a place where there were no lines separating them but both made the other sense much more powerful.

“How is that?” A brief respite from her attention to my cheeks allowed me to catch my breath.

“More…more please, Mistress!” The words came out of my mouth without me realising what I was saying. The spanking had taken the edge off my frustration but was also driving me to ever higher levels of arousal. She smiled behind me and returned to the rack, this time swinging a large leather paddle around in her hand. It was roughly the size of a ping-pong bat but longer and more rectangular. My eyes widened as she brought it down onto her palm with a loud crack. The submissive part of me which had been awoken instinctively pushed my butt out for her so my cheeks jutted out at a pleasing angle, presenting her with a target.

“Good girl…”

Recording Fantasies Vol 2: Paris In The Springtime

“Let’s see those cocks come! Come on boys don’t disappoint me! I wanna see big, thick loads of jizz!” My left hand was a blur and the escort’s thong was completely lost inside me as I pushed it towards my engorged G-spot. Their swollen heads were glistening with precum and faces an image of a pure yearning need-the look a guy gets the second before he loses all control and shoots a big, thick wad is always one of my top turn ons. Knowing they’re past the point of reason, past the point of being able to say ‘no’ to anything you ask, past all logic and thinking-reduced to the animalistic state of lustful need is just so…sexy. Having it happen in front of me multiplied twice was too much for me and I screamed at them to come for me, knowing my orgasm was about to hit me like a freight train.

Recording Fantasies Vol 3: Home Sweet Home

All of the secrets were out. Sarah’s flesh was spilling out of her robe as she sat in her pyjama bottoms. My hubby’s erection was forcing it’s way out of the buttons on his briefs and I was wearing some of the skimpiest lingerie I’d ever owned. Breathing was audible in the room and passions were raised. It was now or never. Someone had to take charge of the situation and change the mood from tense to sexual.

“Sarah. Get your tits out. I’m sucking them.” I commanded and moved towards her, pulling at the sides of her plush robe. She offered no resistance and her nipples came spilling into view. I heard a sharp intake of breath from my man as I dove my head towards her pink areola, licking and teasing it.

“Oh! Are you sure you’re not still mad I saw you guys having sex?” she asked in between gasps of pleasure.

“I’m upset, sure,” I looked up at her through her cleavage, “but not enough for us all not to enjoy tonight. He’s hard, I’m horny and you need some cock!”

“Oh fuck, do I ever!” she confirmed, her eyes firmly on the shape pushing it’s way out of my hubby’s underpants.

“However…” I said slowly, making her languish in the sensations I was providing as I ran my tongue around her stiff nipples in big circles, “I may make you wait. You know, just as a little bit of revenge…”

Recording Fantasies Bundle: Parts 1-3

About The Gendermorph Series

The Gendermorph series has arisen from my own interest with stories of ‘Futanaris’ or sometimes ‘Futas’ for short. If you’ve never encountered the term, a Futanari is someone with both male and female genitals but with a (generally) overall feminine physique.

The idea that one body can inhabit both genders is one currently being explored in real life now just as much as in fiction. Traditional gender roles, norms, titles and other words are becoming much more fluid. I wanted to call this series of books the ‘Genderfluid’ series but, upon checking, there are some non-fiction, informative books with that name that I wouldn’t want to divert any attention from. My books are merely for enjoyment, the other books in question are more useful to help investigate and find some answers about ones own (and others) gender identity.

The books also allow me to explore a feminine side to myself which has remained dormant up until now. With my partner’s help, I have taken steps into investigating the feelings and sensations my body can surprise me with when touched, spoken to or treat in certain type of way. More about this in future blog posts.

The Gendermorph series also allows me to write much quicker as the stories are considerably shorter than the Recording Fantasies series and follow a much easier progression. Writing the same chapter from two viewpoints (as I do in Recording Fantasies) is surprisingly difficult. They need to contain the same facts but with different sensations, perspectives and sometimes slightly varied outcomes as one character is aware of facts or information the other is not privy to. None of that in Gendermorph, though. Just one character’s journey into discovering and accepting themself.

I intend to write several series of Gendermorph, all with a different central character. Each character will have seven books in their own series. One for each colour of the rainbow, colours in the pride symbol and amount of chakras.


Alex’s Adventures 1: Discovering The Girl Inside

The sweat was really pouring from me down below and my fingers were slick with moisture. I pushed harder to gain purchase and create friction and, to my surprise, the flesh yielded-my fingers met with no resistance and melted into me as if my skin were made of marshmallow. They travelled inside me for a inch or two before I became aware of what was happening-my mind a mixture of fear and pure, primal lust.

My fingers were inside of me! This couldn’t be right. Skin should be there. Muscle and ligaments should be there. But they weren’t. As my fingers continued their journey I could feel labia forming around the outside of the opening. Panic gripped me as a tight, hot ball in my stomach and I quickly withdrew my fingers, accompanied by a vulgar slurping sound…

Alex’s Adventures 2: Going Public With The Girl Inside

“You comin’ you little slut?” he growled and all I could do was nod breathlessly in between powerful thrusts. He responded by gripping my hair and pulling my head back as my climax became one long wave, crashing over and over my body time and again.

I could feel the cum in my cock start to rise from the ecstasy my cunt was being subjected to and I knew it wouldn’t be long till I was blasting a thick load all over the floor underneath me. Part of me was still convinced this gruff stranger would discover it flapping around next to his own and stop but he remained blissfully unaware, pulling my hair and spanking my ass with ever increasing intensity.

Alex’s Adventures 3: Sharing The Girl

“What do you want to do?” she asked with such consideration in her voice I knew I’d made the right decision to choose her over any other friends to share my secret with.

“I’d kinda like to fuck you with it again…if that’s okay?” I asked sheepishly, apprehensive what her response would be. A big smile and her hand wrapping itself around my rapidly hardening member was her answer. I pulled her up from my tits to kiss her passionately.

“Thank you.” I breathed.

“You’re more than welcome,” she purred putting her hands firmly on my chest, “but I want to be on top this time…so I can play with your wet pussy and take that giant length in me…” Without waiting for any kind of an answer she’d clambered on to my torso and was holding me with one hand, lining me up for a quick entry into her wet, swollen, cum-dripping hole.

Alex’s Adventures 4: One Of The Girls

“My pussy always feels so good after class…wetter, you know?” Lorna informed Denise in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I do know! Fuck I’ve not played with myself in what feels like ages…or had your tongue inside me…” Lorna groaned at the complaint, her eyes closing as her frame fell heavily against the wall behind her. “Is your friend up for joining us?” her words came out sharply in between gasps of delight.

They both looked at me and I was caught red-handed, one hand pushed deep in between my legs, mouth open with pleasure as my fingers worked their magic on my clit.

“It looks like she already has…” Lorna cooed, her own movements speeding up as she tugged and and toyed her own desire from her body.

Alex’s Adventures 5: Drinks With The Girls

“Do you need more encouragement?” Denise teased and leaned over to Lorna, cupping and caressing her naked body as my lust swelled deep inside of me. Lorna groaned in response to her friends practiced touch and looked down at me, a mixture of desire and comfort in her eyes.

“Cat’s out of the bag, Alex. Might as well stop resisting and just let your magnificent cock out to play!”

“Magnificent?” Denise questioned, her gaze falling upon me as her hands remained firmly on Lorna’s pert breasts.

“Magnificent. You’re in for a treat tonight, Denise.” Lorna confirmed and pulled Denise into her so forcefully the flesh of her large globes pressed against her own. The fire inside of me was raging out of control and it was taking a substantial mental effort to prevent my erection from bursting out of my skin.

Alex’s Adventures 6: Training The Girl Inside

“That’s a Sybian, isn’t it?” I asked. My ‘Mistress’ nodded with a suggestive smirk on her face and snapped on a pair of black vinyl gloves.

“Oh, yeah…”

“But there’s two attachments?” I asked, a hint of surprise in my voice.

“Yes. The smaller, wider one is for your ass.” The shock on my face only increased at the calmness in her voice. As if reading my thoughts, she continued with an explanation. “We need to drain you, Alex. Completely. That means stimulating your pussy, both inside and out, your cock and your prostate. We’re going to milk you.” My balls jumped upwards and my cock unconsciously twitched, a gesture not unnoticed by my ‘instructor’ at the mention of being milked. I’d seen videos but never experienced it. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than to feel it. My body was burning with anticipatory lust and a flush of warmth flashed within me, starting at my chest and expanding outwards to every inch.

“How…how do we get started?” I whispered in a small, cracked voice.

Alex’s Adventures 7: Accepting The Girl Inside

“He knows!” she giggled uncontrollably, “and he thinks it’s hot!”

“Really?” I questioned. I didn’t believe any man would find such a thing ‘hot’ and my hands still covered over my erection, holding the hemline of my ravaged dress awkwardly in place.

“Come on, let me see it…” his voice rumbled low compared to the feminine ones surrounding him.

“Really?” I spoke again, incredulous that he was being honest.

“There you go!” Denise squeaked as she triumphantly ripped my hands away from my dress, causing my masculinity to spring out from it’s hiding place.

Alex Adventures Bundle: Parts 1-7

Fertile Fantasies Series

This series of books came about from my own investigations and personal experiences with this particular ‘kink’. I wrote a blog post exploring this originally here and the stories developed gradually into their final form which I explain here.

It was fun to write a more sci-fi based erotic series and including non-human sex was something which leads to a lot of possibilities and fun in the future! I’m trying Amazon Kindle Unlimited’s option which grants them exclusivity but limits the size of the excerpts I use. Samples are available to download as is the norm with Amazon releases and I’ve priced the first part at the lower price of $0.99 so you can ‘test it out’ without spending too much to see if you enjoy my writing style.

This is another series which delves into the feelings surrounding infidelity, much more than any series I’ve written so far. But, as always, the main theme is one of love and the series does end on a ‘happily ever after’ note.

Here are the links:

Fertile Fantasies 1: Under His Spell

“My magic is very strong. And you are extremely fertile. I’m surprised no human has bred you yet.” His tone went from gentleman to incredulous pig with one sentence.

“I’ve never wanted to be ‘bred’!” I screamed at him, my hand moving towards my blooming mid-section in a futile attempt to push the growth back down or, at the very least, stop it expanding any further.

“Are you sure?” I looked at him with a puzzled look as my breasts became larger and firmer, tiny blue veins appearing under the surface as they filled with milk.

Fertile Fantasies 2: Breeding After Work

“That’s it! Fuck me hard!” I yelled, adding more momentum to his movements with my hands pushing and pulling at his ass and thighs.

I pulled my legs up higher to accept more of him in me and immediately felt his shaft thicken and swell within me. He was close.

“Should…should I pull out?”

“No!” I screamed with a voice not my own, “Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Come in me! Fill me up you horny fucker!” I saw his mouth about to issue another objection or ask for confirmation and I quickly wrapped my legs around his, locking him in his place in between my legs.

I could tell he was past the point of being able to stop even if he wanted to and I pushed violently back into every thrust, his girth twitching and swelling inside of me…

Fertile Fantasies 3: Taking His Seed

“You ready for this?” I asked, his eager nod being the only reply he could muster. “Okay, then. Breed me,” I gasped, crawling toward his prone form lying tied to the bed, “breed my cunt and put a baby in me.”

“What?” I watched his eyes blinking unbelievingly.

“You heard me just fine,” I reached the top of his thighs and straddled him-securing his legs with my aching need inches above his erect shaft. “I need you to shoot your load deep inside of me. What you’ve got in here,” I reached underneath my body and felt his balls. They were heavy with lust and seed. “I need that inside of me.”

Fertile Fantasies 4: Eager Donors Needed

I took a scrawled up note from my handbag and placed it over the lowest hole. I’d already written it out at home. I knew what I wanted and wasn’t here to waste time. Still, looking at it now from it’s place above me on a small shelf I felt my ovaries swell and my cervix twitch.

‘No condoms please. Fuck me bareback only.’

Fertile Fantasies 5: Having His Baby

It felt as if he was pushing into me forever. On and on the shape went inside of me as I gasped and groaned. I opened my eyes and propped myself up on my elbows long enough to take a look at the never-ending length entering me and the powerful, muscular, gigantic host it was attached to My mouth fell open in sheer amazement.

I could see it vanishing inside me, inch after glorious inch. It didn’t look real. A shape not much smaller than one of my own arms being devoured by my hungry, desperate cunt.

“How? What?” I panted in disbelief before the sheer bliss of his mighty girth stretching me more than anything which had ever been inside of me slowly came to a stop, pressing against my spasming cervix.

“Your body is mine now, mortal. I can make it do what I want.” he growled, pulling out slightly to begin fucking me.


Personalisation Of Recording Fantasies Stories

As no names are mentioned in the Recording Fantasies series, I am looking into ways to commission works whereby I can replace the lack of names with ones of your choosing. My spouse once bought me a book series which had used this very idea and it was exciting reading a story with your own names as the characters!

If you would like me to personalise any of the Recording Fantasies stories for you, please get in touch to discuss ideas and what you are looking for. If there’s enough interest it’s something I’ll look into a bit more seriously and try to find a publisher who can turn out such works within a speedy timeframe.


Not everyone is aware of this but reviews on Amazon push your books higher in terms of visibility. I understand it can be a bit embarrassing to review erotica online but, if you review one of my books on Amazon get in touch via email and provide the link to your review. You can then suggest any topic for me to write about in my blog and I’ll give it a go! (success of blog suggestion will depend on whether I have previous knowledge or experience of said subject but I’ll give it a go! I’m nothing if not adventurous!) Reviews help books become more visible on searches so every little review helps me become closer to doing this as a full time means of income. Also it justifies me spending so much time doing this. It means somebody’s actually reading what I write and it’s not just me writing random sexy things for no one to read!


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