I’m an erotic writer who enjoys exploring emotions, feelings and thoughts rather than writing about the physical ‘blow by blow’ aspects of sexuality. I love writing from both genders point of view, sometimes blurring the lines by including characters who can shape shift or who are in possession of both sets of genitals. This does mean my writing might lean slightly into the realm of ‘sci-fi’ sometimes but I like make things believable as possible.

One of my favourite things to write about is to try and imagine what the opposite sex feels like during any sexual activity which is why the final chapters of my ‘Recording Fantasies’ series are written about the same scenario from both viewpoints and how they differ and/or are similar to each other. It’s a challenge I love to rise to (heyoo!).

Most of my writing comes from my own explorations with my sexuality and recent discoveries about my body that have shown me I’m much more ‘fluid’ than I ever thought. Some of the situations my characters find themselves in are based on real life events (that are sometimes exaggerated!) and other times it’s pure fantasy.

My blog is about my own experiences with my sexuality, fantasies, observations and sometimes just a thought that will hopefully lead to a bit of a debate. I truly believe that if we tried each others kinks, quirks or even just listened to what turns other people on in an open and honest way the world would be a much better place. Variety is what makes this planet fun! And if you try a new thing and you’re still not into it, you learned something new about yourself. And self knowledge can never be a bad thing, can it? If it leads to a discussion with your current partner and an open and honest conversation about something you would like to try? Even if they’re not up for trying it at least you’ll know. But from my experience (maybe I’m just lucky?) if it’s something you’re passionately curious about the right partner will help you explore it.