Sharing My Husband With The Fertile Girl Next Door

PR Sharing My Husband With The Fertile Girl Next Door lighter

New addition to the erotic pregnant shorts series! Get your copy here!

This new story has even MORE romance than usual! Don’t worry, there’s still tonnes of heat, but there’s definitely a few feelings caught in all the mess of organizing a threesome with your cute neighbor with a view to her carrying your child!

I hope y’all enjoy this one. The cover’s one of my favorites, and the sex scenes are some of the hottest I’ve wrote (I think)

Apologies for the delay between releases, been tending to a bunch of other things, and the ‘zon has been making some questionable decisions with my account which has put me off writing. Here’s hoping this book is ok!

Thanks for all your support,

Stay kinky!


“She looks so good full of your cock,” I whispered in my husband’s ear as he slid himself up to the hilt in our sexy neighbor before coming to a stop.
Pausing to kiss me, he returned his attention to Tammy. Her eyes were wide with disbelief that she’d managed to take his entire length, but she also looked like she wanted more. Like she couldn’t wait a second longer for him to fuck her and fuck her hard.
Grabbing her thighs with his powerful hands, John leaned down to hiss, “Do you want me to breed you, Tammy?”
“Oh, fuck, yes!” She shrieked, wriggling under his grip as he remained still inside her.
“I want to hear you say it.” He growled, his tone sending a shudder of lust throughout my body. I’d forgotten how dominant my husband could be when he wanted, and this side of him never failed to turn me on.
“Breed me! Breed me, please!” Tammy panted, pushing back into him in a desperate attempt to start him fucking her.
He didn’t need any further encouragement.

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