Gender Swapped And Pregnant By The Alien Artifact

Gender Swap Alien Artifact

A (hopefully?) triumphant return to writing genderswap stories. Get your copy here, and let me know what you think!

First up, thanks have to go to the reader who reached out to me with this idea. The next few books will be inspired by their ideas, and I hope you’ll enjoy them! Writers run into ‘blocks’ or dry spells all the time, and it was nice of someone to give me a few prompts to get me restarted!

There’s a lot in this short, sexy story. Solo explorations of their new body, taking on two well-hung aliens, their body expanding to massive pregnant proportions within minutes and then a pleasurable, rapid birth! Phew! That’s a lot of kinky shenanigans, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading all about our hapless hero and his cat, Lancelot.

Stay kinky!


Moving one hand upward to massage one of my soft, jiggling breasts, I found new sensations waiting to be discovered there, too.
Everything felt alive. Electrically charged in a way I’d never know.
Pinching a nipple between my thumb and forefinger caused the most exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain to shoot through me, crackling outward from my chest to join the warm, satisfying feelings my fingers were still coaxing from me in between my curvy thighs.
With both my hands working my body, I quickly found my temperature rising and my breathing quickening. There was also a pressure building up inside of me, right at my core, which couldn’t be stopped and wouldn’t be denied.
With a loud, high-pitched shriek followed by a long hissing sound, my first orgasm in my new body hit me harder than I expected.


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