Return To The Forbidden Fert-Isle Bundle: married couples fantasies short stories

PR Married couples fantasies short stories Boxset

All 5 parts together in one place! Get it for a discounted price here.

We return to the place where it all started in this series. Only this time, instead of telling different people’s sexy adventures, I wanted to focus in on one couple, and tell their story from different perspectives.

In this series we see through the eyes of Cleo, her husband Jacob, sexy air hostess Yuki, and making a return appearance from the first series, is the uninhibited receptionist Maxine.

There’s lots of sexy first times, tonnes of heat and a happy ever after ending to warm you up wherever you’re reading this from. So, sit back and spend some time on the magical Fert-Isle. You’ll be glad you did!

Stay kinky!


I couldn’t stop a smile from creeping over my lips as Maxine sauntered toward me. I also couldn’t stop my eyes from wandering over her beautiful, naked form.
“You made it!” I giggled, throwing my arms around her before any men or anyone else had a chance to approach me to take me up on my offer.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Especially if this is your final time here….” Her words were dripping with sarcasm, and I couldn’t help myself blushing a little.
“Well, after tonight, I think I would find it extremely difficult to stay away from this place! This thing’s amazing!” I pointed toward the Sybian, still covered in my juices from earlier.
“I saw. It was pretty impressive. Just like your outfit.” She smiled.
“Do you like it?” I gave her a little curtsy before taking my breasts into my hands and lifting them to show her how much cum was covering them.
“I love it.” She replied without missing a beat. “Now, are you ready for the second part of your amazing evening?”
“More than ever. But, I do have one request….” I tried to hide my dirty smirk, but Maxine caught it. I’m sure she knew what I was going to ask even before the words escaped me.
“What is it?” She cocked a hip, cutting quite the figure as she stood in front of me, naked and beautiful.
“Will you join me? Will you help me service all these lovely cocks? Will you let them… breed you, too?” With a roll of her eyes, I knew she was in.

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