Return To The Forbidden Fert-Isle Part 5: My Reverse Harem

Return To Fert Isle 5 EDIT

Enjoy a final trip to the magical island. Cleo and Jacob are going all out, and I hope you’ll join them! (Read here for free with Kindle Unlimited)

Declaring out of the blue she’d like to be bred by several men at once, Jacob is more than happy to help!

With their little family growing, they both know this may well be their final visit. Cleo buys a kinky outfit. Maxine promises there’s a surprise waiting in store for the kinky, insatiable couple.

Join me for a final visit to the island of uncontrollable urges, hyper-fast pregnancies and adventures so hot they’ll melt your kindle!

Stay kinky!


“Oh my god! Check that out!” Jacob whispered in my ear, grabbing my hand and directing my gaze toward one of the rooms to our right.
I’d tried to keep my gaze straight ahead. To ignore all distractions and exude an air of impossible confidence as I moved passed everyone gathered against the sides of the corridor, kissing in corners or wandering to other rooms. But now, having my attention turned to what we were walking past, I let out a gasp.
Stopping and moving a little closer to the open doorway, I felt my pussy aching at the sight which greeted me.
A woman knelt in the middle of the room. Completely naked, her face contorted into an expression of pure ecstasy as she held her hands behind her head. Her hips were grinding hard against something underneath her, something which was giving her so much pleasure she was lost in her own little world.
As my eyes adjusted to the darkness and my ears tuned out all other sounds, I suddenly realised what it was. She was riding a Sybian. A Sybian someone else was controlling.

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