Return To The Forbidden Fert-Isle Part 4: The Mile High Club

Return To Fert Isle 4 EDIT

Part 4 of the hottest series you’ll ever read involving fertility magic, hyper pregnancies and more is out today! Get your copy here!

Part 4 flips the perspective away from our sexy couple once again, this time telling the story of flight attendant Yuki.

In a innocent move, Yuki forgets to take the pills which grant immunity from the island’s powerful effects. Strange but undeniable urges overwhelm her the moment she sets foot on the island.

Not knowing what to do, and scared to act upon anything, her first port of call is take matters into her own hands. When that doesn’t scratch her itch, she recruits the unsuspecting co-pilot.

Surprised by what she’s done, she can’t deny it felt good. She plans to repeat the experience, this time deliberately. Luckily for Yuki, on her next flight she runs into our sexy couple: Cleo and Jacob!

Much more experienced and confident now, they teach her all the island has to offer. Buckle up! There’s going to be some turbulence ahead!

Stay kinky!


“You want more?” He joked. I nodded slowly, my eyes staring deep into his and seeing my own need reflected at me.
“You want my husband to fuck you, don’t you?” Cleo whispered. I nodded again. “Say it.” She insisted.
“I… I’m scared.” I admitted, my voice small and vulnerable.
“Scared of what? What might happen if I cum inside of you?” Jacob teased.
“But it’s what you want, isn’t it? You want my husband to flood your pretty little pussy with his cum and knock you up, don’t you?” Cleo held me with an arresting, commanding stare that dared me to lie. To say that wasn’t what I wanted.
I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I couldn’t lie to them or myself any longer.
That was exactly what I wanted.
“Yes, oh fuck, yes! That’s what I want….” I moaned, my entire body shaking with the desire to do just what Cleo was suggesting. To surrender completely and just let it happen. “But… I don’t want…”
Cleo held a finger up to my lips.
“Do you trust me? Trust us?” Something in her expression made me not only trust her but want to obey her completely, even if it was such an enormous risk.
“Yes.” My voice was even smaller than before, barely a whisper now.
“Then let us do to you exactly what you want us to do to you.” Jacob’s voice was quiet, too now. Matching my own in terms of volume and sincerity. “Let me breed you…”
The second he said the word ‘breed,’ it was over. I was helpless to resist him. To resist them.
I would let Jacob impregnate me right in front of his wife. Right here, right now.
To hell with the consequences.

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