Return To The Forbidden Fert-Isle Part 3: Sharing My Wife

Return To Fert Isle 3 EDIT

Part 3 out today! Told from Jacob’s viewpoint, you’ll not want to miss this one! Get it here (free with Kindle Unlimited)

We’re back on the island with our favorite couple, Cleo and Jacob. After all the fun they had with Maxine, they both begin to wonder – how much fun would it be to invite another man to join them next visit?

Cue lots of steamy build up, tense emotions and tonnes of spicy content when everything finally comes together, courtesy of everyone’s favorite receptionist and all-round amazing person, Maxine!

Told from a male perspective this time, I hope y’all enjoy the change and are still loving this couple’s journey from inexperienced to seasoned kinksters!

Stay kinky, too!


Cleo had worked fast. Surprisingly fast.
In the time it had taken for me and Maxine to have our little exchange, she was already wrestling Ruben’s jeans off, kneeling at the edge of the bed, and laughing wildly.
“You guys didn’t waste any time!” I joked, shaking my head at just how insatiable my wife was.
“What? You were taking too long!” She spat back, a dirty smirk on her face. “Besides, I’ve not had any fun since we landed and my pussy is hungry…” Her words became little more than a hiss as she freed Ruben’s cock from his clothing. It sprang out with the force of a coiled spring, slapping against his muscular abdomen with a loud slap.
“Oh, this will do nicely…” Her eyes opened wide, and her tongue darted out, licking her lips greedily.
I watched with bated breath, Maxine’s arm around my back as my wife wrapped her hands around another man’s impressive length.

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