Return To The Forbidden Fert-Isle Part 2: My Menage Fantasy

Return To Fert Isle 2 EDIT

The second part in the scorching hot series is out today! Get your copy here from Amazon.

The second part of the story picks up from where the first left off, but you don’t have to have read the first part in order to enjoy the steamy fun!

Told from Maxine’s perspective, she eagerly awaits the sexy couple’s return. With a desire to teach them the joys of threesomes and more, her wish is soon granted.

Cue sexy fun by the bucket load, and some seriously hot lesbian and breeding action.

This was a fun story to write, fleshing out an existing character from a previous series. If you’re interested in reading about the fun Maxine got up to with a previous guest, the nervous and inhibited Janey, check out Adventures On The Forbidden Fert-Isle Part 3: Island Discipline.

As always,

Stay kinky!


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