Return To The Forbidden Fert-Isle!

Return To Fert Isle 1 EDIT V2

New series starts today! We’re going back to magical island! Return to the magical Fert-Isle with a sexy new couple! Get part 1 here. (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

The Fert Isle is a magical place. Overwhelming all visitors with a need to breed or be bred, and granting them certain physical ‘enhancements’ in order to aid with the process.

Once pregnant, the process itself it also massively accelerated, months and weeks passing in mere hours. All to help the mystical island people repopulate their land, but also having loads of fun along the way.

Enter our hapless couple, Cleo and Jacob. They’ve been trying for a baby with little success. Cleo’s friend Ivy suggests a holiday. That’s where our adventure begins.

A revisiting of an older series I had too much fun writing not to make more content for, this series will follow Cleo and Jacob, but told from different perspectives. First up is Cleo herself, describing all of the fun and strange things happening to her mind and body.

Look out for cameos from the previous series, and a chance to discover a little more about them.

I’ve also used a different formatting/editing style for this book. I hope y’all enjoy it!

Till part 2 comes out and beyond…

Stay kinky!


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