Fun Fertile Shorts Bundle: 5 Spicy Short Stories

PR Fun Fertile Shorts Bundle Boxset

Another sexy bundle of fun out today! Get your copy here.

Stories included in this bundle are:

Having The Billionaire’s Baby

Grace needs money. And some excitement. Possibly an excuse to explore her darkest fantasies might be nice, too.

Dropping into her lap one day is the irresistible Mr. Black. He’s offering her exactly what she wants, but what if she becomes too attached? What if she wants more than a ‘business arrangement’ with him?

My Billionaire Boss Hole

Abbey needs money. Badly. Fortunately for her, a new position has opened up with a company her friend works for. The position? The Boss’s personal ‘baby maker’…

Is she desperate enough to accept the role? It’s certainly easier to say yes when the man in charge of her is gorgeous and rich. If only he weren’t so arrogant and obnoxious. But is there more to Mr. Grant than meets the eye?

My Husband And My Fertile Best Friend

“What can I do to help?” Jessica asked innocently when I told her me and my husband had been having trouble conceiving. What I had in mind, she had no idea. She would carry our baby.

The thought of seeing them both together, and the beautiful baby he would put in her was an idea both too naughty and too tempting not to suggest. But, what if she said yes? Would it deepen my feelings for my best friend? What if I fell for her? What if my husband did, too?

My Secret Beach Baby

I need a getaway. A holiday. A break. But, more than that, I need somewhere I can let my hair down and really cut loose.

I’ve been resisting my urges for so long, all for the future I long for. A future where I’m financially independent, and have a child of my own. Thanks to my big promotion, I’ve achieved one of my goals… now to pursue the second one.

My upcoming holiday is the perfect place to finally explore all of the forbidden fantasies I’ve had for so long… and to bring home a little bundle of joy inside of me…

My Arrogant Boss And Our Secret Baby

Andrea’s boss is demanding. He’s a jerk. But he’s also hot. Super hot.

It’s a potent combination, and when Mr. Rose asks her to work late there’s no way she could refuse. How was she to know this would merely be the start of something so out of control?

With Mr. Rose pushing her boundaries, it shouldn’t surprise her when he asks her to carry his baby.
Will she be able to say no to such a life-changing request? It doesn’t help that she’s falling for him more and more every time they ‘work’ closely together…

All stories are PACKED with heat and always, always, always have a happy ending. Hope you enjoy and careful not to melt your kindle!

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