My Arrogant Boss And Our Secret Baby

Arrogant Boss Secret Baby V2

New book alert – 5th one in the ‘Fun Fertile Shorts’ series. Get your copy here.

From the blurb:

Andrea’s boss is demanding. He’s a jerk. But he’s also hot. Super hot.

It’s a potent combination, and when Mr. Rose asks her to work late there’s no way she could refuse. How was she to know this would merely be the start of something so out of control?

With Mr. Rose pushing her boundaries, it shouldn’t surprise her when he asks her to carry his baby.
Will she be able to say no to such a life-changing request? It doesn’t help that she’s falling for him more and more every time they ‘work’ closely together…

What that translates to is that Mr. Rose is going to breed Andrea, using some of the filthiest language you’ve ever read! What it also means is some romance in amongst the heat, and a very Happy Ever After ending!

This book has a few (sort of) ‘fade to black’ sexy scenes, I hope no-one’s disappointed with the slightly different direction, and enjoying reading about Mr. Rose and Andrea.

As always,

Stay kinky!


Something inside of me clicked at the idea of his seed taking hold inside of me.
How my stomach would swell and grow.
How my breasts, which he was squeezing so tightly, would expand and fill with milk. It wasn’t something I’d never given much thought before now. But with Mr. Rose’s cock deep inside of me and the ‘threat’ of him breeding me, it triggered the most powerful climax of my life.
Primal. Biological. Urgent.
My entire body exploded with pleasure. From deep in my core to every extremity. Every muscle tightened and relaxed in a chaotic rhythm and I lost all control, slumping further over my desk and gripping the sides for dear life as he continued to incessantly pump away behind me.
I howled with lust. I drove my hips back at him, desperate for him to come, too. Desperate for him to empty his balls deep inside of me. Unprotected and raw.
The sudden shift did the trick. With a loud, primal growl, Mr. Rose slammed himself into me, his length expanding wildly before hot spurt after hot spurt of his cum shot deep inside of me. I could feel it hosing me down internally, and I wailed, howled, and moaned at the new experience.
It was something I’d never felt before, having only ever had protected sex before. It was something different. Something more satisfying and… intimate.

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