Selling My Fertile Womb

Selling My Fertile Womb NEW

Selling My Fertile Womb is out today – the (possibly?) first in a new series of romance novellas! Get your copy here.

Ok, confession time! This book started out with the intention of being a much shorter read, but the characters kept wanting to do more kinky things to each other. And fall in love! As a result, the story ran a little longer than originally intended (about twice as long…) and the story definitely took a romantic turn. Is it for the worse or better? I’ll let you decide that, dear reader! As always, I had a blast writing this and I hope you love reading it.

Stay kinky!


“Fuck!” I gasped, pulling the huge, buzzing cock out of my now way-too-sensitive pussy.
My frustration was real, as was the fact I’d just came four times in a row. I hadn’t stopped playing myself the moment I’d came home, but somehow every orgasm simply made me want more. Instead of relieving me of the deep, burning need inside of me like I was hoping it would, it only made things worse. Made me crave even more.
I knew then, as I’d known for longer than I dared admit to myself, that I needed more. The itch I needed scratching wasn’t one which was going to go away with the help of my plastic friend, however good it felt.
I needed a real cock in me. Without protection, with nothing between it pumping a thick, hot load deep inside of my waiting womb.

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