Futa First Times – The Megabundle has landed!

Futa First Times collects ALL of the futa shorts series – all the way from parts 1 to 10. All at a discount price (or conveniently in one place if you’re using Kindle Unlimited) Read your copy here!

Futa First Times collects the entire Futa short series. The stories included are:

My Dirty 1st Date Futa Surprise

Hotwife’s Futa Friend

Genderswap: Transformed Into A Hot Futa

My Roommate’s Panty Surprise

The Flirty Futa From Work

First Contact With Futa Aliens

Submitting To The Futa Warrior

Becoming A Futa Hot Wife

My Best Friend’s Futa Surprise

With so much on offer, there’s something for everyone! Whether you want threesomes, gender-swapping, a bit of romance or more!

Stay kinky!


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