Carrying My Wife’s Best Friend’s Baby: The Complete Sexy Trilogy

Carrying The Baby BUNDLE final

Carrying My Wife’s Best Friend’s baby the bundle! All three sexy stories in one sexy package! Get your copy here.

All three stories. One epic trilogy to rival all other trilogies written about a husband and wife team who decided to carry their friend’s baby via a genderswap experiment who then all fall in love with each other and have kinky sex and love till the end of their days. Phew. That’s a lot. There was so much heat writing this series that my keyboard melted. That was before I even had a chance to bundle the books, so the bundle was created post fire keyboard melting shenanigans. I hope y’all enjoy it and that the heat, sexiness and love I felt for these characters shines through.

Stay kinky!


Reading the signals of my body perfectly, my wife’s hand strayed downward from my breast. Slowly, she moved over and past my engorged, pregnant belly. Creeping ever downwards until.
She touched my pussy.
With a couple of expert motions, I instantly came all over her fingers.
Stifling a scream by burying my face in Hope’s shoulder, I gripped the back of her head with feverish intensity as she continued to suck on my nipple.
Somehow, she stayed right on target as I thrashed about under their combined attention. Sucking harder and harder as I continued to climax.
Then I felt it. The pressure dissipating. Bursting like a dam collapsing. Directly into Hope’s mouth.
With a shock, I realized it was milk. My body was producing milk for the first time; right into my wife’s best friend’s shocked mouth.

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