My Secret Beach Baby

Secret Beach Baby V2

My Secret Beach Baby, the 4th and penultimate short from the ‘fun fertile shorts’ is out today! Get your copy here.Eva is stressed. Work sucks and she’s not been laid in what seems like way too long. But she plans to change all that during an upcoming holiday. What she hasn’t planned on is falling for someone. Or the unexpected ‘gift’ she’s left with after their steamy encounter.

What’s next? Will a chance meeting rekindle their passion? Will there be a happy ever after for this crazy carefree couple and their unborn baby? Of course there will! It’s my thing!

(side note – there’s no pregnancy or pregnant play in this short – just the hot, steamy build up and unprotected sex. I’m trying something different, let me know what you think!)

Stay kinky!


“Can you feel how warm she is?” I gasped, pulling him closer with my legs. His cock was inches from my pussy now, and I knew it was radiating with fertile heat.
“Yessss…” He hissed, his eyes closed as I pleasured him with my hands.
“Can you feel how wet she is?” I whispered into his ear, pulling him yet closer. Close enough that the tip of his cock pushed against my wet folds, driving me wild with desire.
When I moved my face back in line with his, holding his gaze, I saw he was nodding. Words had escaped him now. There was only this moment, and what was about to happen between us.
“So? What are you waiting for?” I giggled, letting go of his cock but still keeping him securely near me with my thighs. I could feel the muscles of his legs tensing against me as he stood, ready and waiting to fuck.
Leaning forward, I bit his ear playfully before running my tongue down the side of his neck.
“Take me. Breed me.”

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