My Best Friend’s Futa Surprise

Futa Best Friend

The tenth (and final?) short story in the futa shorts series is out today! Get your copy here.

What happens when your best friend catches you looking at pictures of huge dicks on your phone when you’re supposed to be watching a movie with her? How embarrassed would you be? And how quickly would that embarrassment transform into something else if she presented you with the big dick a witch cursed her with? What would you do next?

“You think you could handle one of those monster looking cocks? I mean, if one was right here, right now?”
The question floored me.
With wetness pouring out of me and soaking my panties, I decided to be bold. To match my best friend’s confidence and see what came of it.
“I… I hope so. The big ones are my favourite.” I hissed, the possibility of something happening with my best friend suddenly the most tempting thing I’d heard in my life.
“Well, if you like big cocks,” She giggled, “I’ve got a nice little surprise for you. Or should I say a big surprise?” She continued giggling.
Staring at her with a dumbfounded expression on my face, and still dying of embarrassment at her having caught me looking at porn in front of her, I was frozen. What was she planning? Did she have a guy under the bed? A one on speed dial who was willing to show up and fuck us both?
Standing up from her bed, she proceeded to lift the hem of her short skirt. I held my breath.
Did Louise want me to go down on her? Do lesbian stuff? What did that have to do with big cocks? My mind was whirring with so many questions whilst my body was completely frozen in place.
Then, as her skirt reached its apex, revealing her skimpy pink panties underneath, I saw it.
The unmistakable bulge of a huge cock.
There was only the thinnest layer of fabric separating me from possibly the biggest cock I’d ever seen.
My best friend’s cock.

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