Becoming A Futa Hot Wife

Futa Wife

The ninth story in the futa shorts series. This time involving a kinky couple (and perhaps one more?) Get your copy here.

What’s the next step up from fucking your submissive hubby with a strap-on? Of course! Taking a genderswap pill and fucking him with a real cock. A one you can feel pumping thick loads of cum inside of him.

While you’re at it, why not invite a friend? You could fuck her with your new cock and make your husband watch… Well, it is his birthday after all…

The second his fingers touched the thick trunk of my shaft, pulses of bliss shot through me.
“Mmm, fuck! That feels good…” I hissed, more blood than I thought possible flooding towards my cock. Making it grow. Harden. Swell even more with need.
“Honey… where… where did you discover this? I mean…” He stumbled over his words, his eyes wide with awe and his fingers rubbing delicately and sensuously around my shaft and balls. Clearly he was enamoured with my new growth as much as I was.
“I could tell you all about it, if you like? Where I bought it from, how much it was, everything. Or… you could shut up and suck my cock like the good little slut I know you are? How does that sound?”

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