Submitting To The Futa Warrior


The eighth (can you believe it?) Short story in the futa shorts series is out today. Get your copy here.

A short, hot and to the point read. An archeologist discovers the last of the futa race. What’s the first thing they do together? Discuss trade agreements and swap recipes, of course! Nah, just kidding. They have crazy sex!

The expression on her face changed the second her cock was exposed. Her calm features shifted into a dirty leer, and I knew what was going to happen. The look of lust is a universal one, and it needs no language.
With a grunt and a nod of her head, she indicated she wanted me to approach her. To be close enough to touch her.
I began to rise up on shaking legs when she barked out a single word. It was so clear, so concise that I understood it straight away. It meant ‘sit’.
I obeyed without question, falling into a crosslegged position facing her. Her sleazy smirk grew wider as she nodded approvingly. My cock twitched harder as our eyes met, my body completely under her thrall.

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