Carrying My Wife’s Best Friend’s Baby – Part 3: Our Happy Ever After!

Carrying My Wife's Best Friend's Baby Pt 3

Our sexy, gender swapping, pregnant, threesome trilogy draws to a close today with the release of part 3! Get your copy here.

It was a bit of a journey writing this series, I’m not going to lie. I’ll miss writing about these characters, especially their collective journey together. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I hope everything wraps up nicely for all my readers, and the warm fuzzies at the end of the story provide the perfect comforting blanket after all the heat beforehand!

Thanks for continuing to read what I write, visit my site and engage with me in the various ways y’all do. I really appreciate it! Up next! Who knows? Stay tuned! And, more importantly…

Stay kinky!


“Do… do you want to see it? My pregnant belly, I mean?” I dared to ask. My voice was raw and wavering. With every passing second, I needed it more. Needed Hope inside of me.
“I think… yes. Yes, please.” Hope stuttered, not sure how to move things forward. Luckily for us both, my wife was an expert in these situations.
“Honey, why don’t you just strip for Hope? Show her what you look like now? Not just your belly, but everything…” The words came out as a question. A suggestion. But I knew better.
From the tone she was using, my wife fully expected me to comply right away, with no pushback.
She wasn’t wrong.
Standing up on shaky legs, and using even shakier hands, I tore my top up over my head.
A shocked intake of breath from Hope was enough to spur me on to step out of my skirt and whip my panties off with two quick motions.
Standing in our living room, completely naked, the air felt good on my body. Every pore of my skin was alive and tingling with anticipation.
Looking over at Hope, it appeared she liked what she saw. Her gaze darted all over my new, transformed, pregnant body whilst her jaw fell open even wider.
Stroking my pregnant belly proudly, I cocked my hip, striking a pose for my wife and our guest to gawp at.
“So, what do you think of your ‘handiwork?’ You like my husband’s pregnant body?” My wife purred whilst I stood there, naked and ready for something to happen between us all.

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