Carrying My Wife’s Best Friend’s Baby – Part 2: Making The Baby!

Carrying My Wife's Best Friend's Baby Pt 2

Part 2 in the hottest new gender swapping series is out today! Get your copy here.

In part 2, Mike and Jade are becoming more accustomed to their new bodies. Enjoying them as much as possible, and exploring what the changes mean for their relationship. Then Hope visits, informing them that it won’t be Jade impregnating Mike, but her…

One quick gender swap later, and Mike is suddenly faced with the alluring yet frightening prospect of having two men to deal with in his new feminine body. All his wishes may come true yet…

Lots of kinky scenes in this part, and a little fun character development you may not expect toward the end!

Stay kinky!


“Holy shit, Hope! That’s a lot of cum!” My wife exclaimed, a huge smile on her face. Following her gaze, both me and Hope saw with disbelief the river of cum flowing out of me, dripping down the couch and splattering onto the carpet.
“Sorry. It looks like I’ve made a bit of a mess…” Hope confessed, her voice small and unsure.
“Shh. That was so fucking sexy, Hope.” My wife reassured her before pulling her close for a kiss whilst her cock remained twitching inside of me.
As their lips parted, I could see the love between them. Hope had a smile I hadn’t on her before, and my wife’s expression was different, too.
I couldn’t be sure, but there was definitely something new in the way my wife was looking at her best friend. I could see it in her eyes, and hear it in her words. I knew I was seeing Hope in a new light, too.
There was more to her than either of us realized, and I felt a strange closeness to her. An intimacy which transcended sex.
It only deepened further as we spent the rest of the night exploring each other’s bodies, sharing intimate thoughts and experiences. Meanwhile, pushing ourselves to the limits of sexual pleasure and loving every minute of it.
I didn’t know it then, but something had definitely shifted between us all. And it wasn’t just the copious amounts of Hope’s seed in my womb, which were going to change things for all of us forever.

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