Carrying My Wife’s Best Friend’s Baby – Part 1: Swapping Genders!

Carrying My Wife's Best Friend's Baby Pt 1

A new series starts today – Carrying My Wife’s Best Friend’s Baby! Read the first part here.

Ok, ok. I know it’s a pretty clunky title (apologies to all literary figure who came before me) but it accurately describes what’s going to happen in this series. You always know what you’re going to get with a Phoenix Rose series – a bit of exploration, change and growth from our main characters, some scifi/fantasy fun and tonnes of heat over some very steamy scenes.

In part 1 we meet our main three characters – husband and wife Mike and Jade, and Jade’s best friend, Hope. Hope wants a baby. Mike and Jade offer to help. But Hope’s idea is a little different: Mike will be the one carrying her baby…

No threesome fun in the first part (boo!) but lots of gender and role swapping and loads of heat. Look out for part 2 coming soon!

Stay kinky!


My heart skipped a beat as my cock hardened further on complete autopilot at the strange request leaving my wife’s mouth.
“Say that again. I don’t think I heard you correctly. Or, if I did, then it sounds completely ridiculous!” I blurted out, my mind whirling with questions.
“Oh, come on, you heard me just fine, Mike.” She waved her hand dismissively. “And don’t pretend like this isn’t one of your all-time top fantasies.” Her voice lowered to a raspy hiss; the tone she used when she was in charge of me.
Moving closer, exaggerating the hypnotic sway of her hips with every step, that predatory look I knew all too well appeared behind her eyes. My body responded, tensing every muscle in anticipation but rooting me completely to the spot; awaiting her next move or command.
From the very start of our relationship, she’d let me know she liked to ‘take charge.’ I hadn’t known the full implications of her words till several months later when she’d tied me up, introduced me to anal play and vastly expanded my sexual horizons. Since then, I was hooked.
We didn’t engage in our fun, little BDSM lives every time we had sex; only on special occasions. But when we did, it always left me a little bit sore and wanting more. And she knew it.
With every new experience, she somehow pushed my boundaries just a bit more. Made me discover something deeper about myself whilst taking me to an even deeper level of pure, submissive bliss. When she’d suggested I even dress the part of her little ‘slut’ a few years ago, I didn’t question it for a second. I was glad I hadn’t.
Since then, whenever she was feeling extra dominant, she would order me to fully dress in the skimpiest, girliest clothing which she picked out for me before fucking my brains out with either a realistic or completely over-the-top, oversized dildo. She was right, being her ‘girl’ had quickly become one of my top fantasies.

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