First Contact With The Futa Aliens

The 7th story in the ‘futa shorts’ series is out today! Get your copy here.

In this short, we meet Johnathon. Passed over, ignored and looking for a change. Or simply something to end his dry spell. Enter the futa alien! Appearing as a beautiful, feminine figure, our hero has no idea what this alien is packing until the big reveal. Cue lots of sexy fun times, new experiences and a brand new perception on his self-image.

I went a little more philosophical than I normally do for the epilogue of this one. I debated whether to take it out, but hopefully my dear readers might enjoy some musings after the climactic big finish!

As always,

Stay kinky!


“Do you want to help me test it further?”
“I… I don’t know how or what to do.” I confessed, my voice small as I shrank in her presence.
“What if you pretend it’s your own? How do you like to be pleased by another’s mouth?” She was getting harder by the second, her erection jutting out and pointing directly toward me. “Would you like to try that, human?”
“I… I don’t think I can fit that thing in my mouth.” I blurted out, licking my lips in anticipation, but worried I might not be able to pleasure her; no matter how much I wanted to.
“Just do your best. We are merely testing if everything works, that’s all.” Her cold expression softened into a smile as she looked down at me. I nodded, my heart beating so hard I thought I might pass out.

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