My Billionaire Boss Hole

Billionaire Boss Hole V2

Next in the Fertile shorts series… My Billionaire Boss Hole! Get your copy here (free to read as part of Amazon Kindle Unlimited)

Down on her luck Abbey needs a job. But is she desperate enough to accept the role of Mr. Grant’s personal breeding mare? It would be an easier decision if he wasn’t so handsome and demanding…

This story was loads of fun to write, the characters exploring their love of breeding kink, the baby resulting from that and the inevitable feelings getting caught. I hope you enjoy reading it, the deeper emotions of love getting mixed in with lust is one of my favorite things to write about, and (hopefully) that comes across in the book!

Till next time,

Stay kinky!


“So, you took a fertility test?” He spoke as if I was faraway and of little interest.
“Uh-huh.” I nodded, squirming in my seat with anticipation.
“That shows great initiative, Miss Young. The kind I like…” He put his pen down and turned his attention away from whatever form he was signing.
“Thank you, Mr. Grant.” I replied in my best, girliest, most obedient tone of voice. It didn’t go unnoticed.
“Show me.” He rasped, his voice full of power and need.
“Show you what?”
“How wet and fertile you are…” The fire behind his eyes burned with a lust so great it made me even wetter.
Standing up, I lifted my skirt as high as possible before pulling my soaking wet panties to the side.
“Like this?” I asked coquettishly.
“Perfect. Spread it for me, Abbey…” He demanded, pushing himself away from his desk and unfastening his belt.
A thrill shot through me.
The thrill of him watching me.
Directing me.
Wanting me.

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