New Year, New Me, New Gender!

New Year New Gender

Another addition to the genderswap shorts collection out today! Get your copy here!

In this short story we meet Travis. Spending new years eve alone, having been demoted at his job and dumped by his girlfriend, he’s not in a good place. Enter a strange advert for a magic genderswap pill!

Travis finds himself curious enough to order. This sends him to a whole new world of discovery.

Things heat up when he starts planning and buying outfits for his ‘feminine’ self. They heat up even more when his friend calls out of the blue whilst he’s in his new body!

A hot encounter, a lot of discovery and a super happy ending are promised in this steamy short. I hope you like it!

Stay kinky!


I smiled back but found my gaze wandering lower. Right to his crotch. I couldn’t be sure, but it looked like there was already a bit of a bulge there. Was Ryan that big? I hadn’t ever looked when we were hanging out. Why would I? But now, getting ready to experience something for the first time, the size of my friend’s cock was of the utmost interest to me.
My mind and body were on fire with desires and needs. I hadn’t touched myself when I’d first transformed, deciding to wait till I was dressed up. Then Ryan’s call had interrupted anything I was about to do. I didn’t realize just how powerful the urges which came over me were when I’d taken a pill, but then I’d never not given myself at least two or three orgasms soon after transforming.

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