The Flirty Futa From Work!

Flirty Futa From work

New short out today! A return to everyone’s favorite sexy subject… futas! And the men they introduce to a whole new world of pleasure…

Get your copy here! (Included in a Kindle Unlimited subscription)

Just a quick, hot, short read. Plenty of discoveries to be had by our hero, Travis. The beautiful Ariana shows him things he’d never dreamed of and a side of him he’s never explored – his submissive side!

Lots of fun writing this one, always great to write about futas and sexual awakenings. Added it to the ‘futa shorts’ series, as it fits there. Not sure if the title ‘instalove’ fits, but I’ll let the readers decide. There is a very happy ending, as long as Travis doesn’t mind being completely submissive to Ariana…

Stay kinky! (more stories on the way!)


“Come with me.” Taking my hand, she lifted me up before leading me to her bedroom. Watching her curvy, beautiful ass sway from side to side, the soft skin jiggling with every step, was hypnotic. I longed to touch it, to feel its round shape in my palm, but didn’t dare to try. I was going to be her good boy and be content with watching only.
Directing me to the edge of the bed, Ariana smiled softly before kissing me passionately again. Feeling her soft breasts pressing into my chest sent shivers up and down my spine, but the stranger sensation of her hard cock striking into mine below that took my breath away.
“They look so good together, don’t they?” Ariana pressed our cocks together in her hands, rubbing them slowly back and forth until a moan of pure lust escaped me and my knees became weak.
“How do you want me?” My voice trembled, desperate to know what she had in store for me next.

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