Having The Billionaire’s Baby

Having The Billionaires Baby V2

After a long wait (sorry!) I’m back with an all new sexy series – fun fertile shorts! Kicking off these hot one off shorts is Having The Billionaire’s baby. Read it here!

This sexy short introduces us to Grace. A bored office worker who finds the irresistible Mr. Black dropped into her lap one day. With promises to help her explore her breeding fetish fully, and possible financial incentives, Grace finds herself taking the biggest decision of her life. Will she regret it? Will she end up falling for Mr. Black? And is there anyway he might feel the same way about her?

First up, apologies for the delay in releasing new material. Things happen, habits become broken and then you end up way too much in your own head and worrying too much instead of just hitting release and letting people enjoy what you’ve made. Also, writing erotica in particular can be a bit trickier than it appears. I wrote about if for the amazing Girl On The Net recently. You can read my thoughts here. Thanks so much to anyone who’s reading, buying and supporting my stuff. You keep me doing what I’m doing and gradually working towards becoming full time and, in the process, a better writer with every book.

More stories on the way!

Stay kinky!


“It’s the ultimate power trip.” He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “Claiming someone’s body as your own, knowing you were responsible for the changes they were going through…” His voice wavered, his cocky confidence fading. Giving way to pure arousal. I could feel it, too.
“Go on…” I urged, licking my lips. I could hear my voice cracking too, but only just over the sound of my heart pounding in my chest with expectant energy.
“It… it’s more than just sex, you know? I mean, I can fuck anyone I like,” he snorted confidently, “but breeding someone? That’s a little bit more serious. More…”
“Primal? Urgent? Necessary?” I gasped, my panties absolutely soaked and my nipples so hard they pressed painfully into my dress. The thought of how they might change with pregnancy suddenly shooting to the front of my conscious thoughts.
“Yeah… all the above…” He growled, his voice raw with need.
“But you think I don’t have the same desires? That I’m only here for the money?” Our eyes met again. There was no way either of us were going to finish our meal, and we both knew it.
“What…? You mean?” He stumbled, his confidence quickly leaving him in the presence of a sexually voracious woman who knew what she wanted.
“I contacted you because I’m at the most fertile period in my cycle, and I’m just desperate for some cock. Desperate to be bred, not simply fucked…” I sighed. Hearing myself say the words out loud turned me on even more than I thought it would, and the effect on Mr. Black was fairly dramatic, too. Whilst I watched, a bead of perspiration appeared on his forehead and his mouth fell open.
“Fuck. That’s so fucking hot…” He shifted awkwardly in his place, his hand disappearing underneath the table to rearrange himself within the confines of his clothing. I knew if he stood up right now, his arousal would be too obvious, but I’d heard enough and wasn’t willing to wait another second.
“Well, Mr. Black, I think that’s enough for dinner, don’t you?” He nodded his reply.
“So, what now?” He leaned forward, the desperation behind his eyes clear.
“Now?” I Leaned forward too, my face mere inches from his. “Now, you fuck a baby into me…”

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