Erotic Pregnancy Shorts Bundle – Out Today!

PR Pregnancy Shorts Bundle 3D

Another little bundle of steamy stories to keep you warm during the cold months (or heat you up even more during the summer!) Get your copy here.

5 stories in this bundle all with one theme – pregnancy! Sometimes the story’s focused on breeding, sometimes the characters are already pregnant and simply need some ‘help’ with their urges. One common thread running through every story? Tonnes of heat, explicit sex and super-happy ever after endings! I hope you enjoy them!

Sharing My Husband With My Fertile Best Friend

“But fucking your best friend? Breeding her?” I could hear the objection in his voice. I could also hear the lust. I watched intently as a hand disappeared underneath the table, possibly to adjust his hardening cock. At least, I hoped that was the reason.
“Fuck, it sounds even hotter when you say it.” I purred. “Breeding her…” A surge of lust shot through me, and I knew we were definitely on for some fantastic sex later. I was so amped up, I’d be coming before he’d even entered me.
“It does sound a bit… filthy, doesn’t it?”

Having My Boss’s Secret Baby

I didn’t sleep at all that night. The thought of Mr. Wylde breeding me, knocking me up, making me completely his kept nagging at me. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it.
The cold shower didn’t help at all. Simply being naked was enough reason to touch myself as I thought about all the ways I’d willingly give myself to Mr. Wylde. But carrying his child? I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that was one step too far. Not that my dirty, dark needs saw it that way. The more I ruminated on the idea, the more it turned me on.
The look on his face when I said yes.
The way he would hold me down and scream with need that he was about to come inside of me. Raw. Unprotected. Nothing between my waiting womb and as many of his swimmers as he could pump into me. Fuck, it was a hot idea. So hot, I couldn’t stop playing with myself every time it crossed my mind.

Helping The Fertile Girl Next Door

“Does that turn you on, Marc? Knowing I’m… fertile?” I nodded, setting down my utensils and wiping my mouth.
“Frankly, yeah. Yeah, it does.” My cock was as hard as it could be within the confines of my clothing. To the point where it was painful. I needed to put my plan into action, and soon.
“It’s actually amazing I managed to get dressed for you coming over. If I’m being really honest.” She swerved the conversation in a new direction, leaning back in her chair.
“Yeah? Why’s that?” I took a quick drink, my throat drier than ever.
“Well, whenever I’m in the fertile part of my cycle, I just get so horny I spend hours just playing with myself to the…” She paused. “Are you sure you’re ok hearing this?” She squinted, looking at me as if I was ok to cross some of the lines which were about to be crossed.
“Please, go on.” I persuaded her, my voice dry and my cock hard as a rock behind my jeans at the thought of Katie fucking her pussy repeatedly with an enormous dildo or vibrator.
“I play with myself to the thought of someone… breeding me…”

Sharing My Pregnant Co-Worker With My Husband

“Let me see it.” She whispered within one long exhale.
“Excuse me?” Troy questioned; it was his turn to be shocked. I giggled behind Jennie at the power exchange.
“What? It’s why I’m here, isn’t it?” Jennie spoke up, her voice nonplussed and her eyes burning with lust. “It’s not like I can enjoy a drink or anything. But I am gagging for some cock…” Her gaze strayed directly toward my husband’s crotch.
I leapt into the air and clapped like a cheerleader as Jennie came out of her shell and shot my gaze toward him, too.
“You heard our guest, let’s see it…” I chirped, my entire body vibrating with excitement.
“Oh, and don’t worry about being too… gentlemanly, I like it rough…” Jennie snarled.
A flood of wetness poured toward my pussy.
She was even wilder than I thought she’d be, and it was more than a pleasant surprise.

Helping The Fertile Foreign Exchange Student

“Don’t bother trying to explain, pervert,” she spat the words out, reminding me of how inappropriate what I was doing was, “You’re a dirty boy, you’re wanking yourself silly to the smell of my dirty panties and I’ve caught you. That sums everything up, correct?” I nodded weakly and felt all the arousal within my body quickly melt into shame. “Well, don’t let me stop you.” she continued and perched herself on a chair directly across from me.
I remained perfectly still, my pulse beating throughout my entire length and swelling my length against the fingers grasped tightly around it.
“I…erm…what?” I sought clarification as her eyes watched my every move.
“Wank. Your. Cock. For. Me.”

Stay kinky sexy people!


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