Helping The Fertile Girl Next Door

PR Helping The Fertile Girl Next Door

Another week, another story! The third part in the current series, erotic pregnant shorts, to be exact! Get your copy here!

Our third story (and final new story for this series, the next two are old stories which fit the theme nicely) introduces us to Marc and his hot, inexplicably single neighbor Katie.

Over the course of conversation, Katie confesses the reason she can’t seem to keep a guy is that none are willing to indulge her in her favorite kink, breeding. Being a gentleman, and a horny one at that, Marc steps up, helping Katie explore her breeding kink as far as she likes. He even proposes he actually breeds her. Unprotected. Raw. As nature intended.

Will Katie agree? What will be the result? Sexy shenanigans leading to a super happy, super kinky ending? You betcha! With plenty of hot scenes along the way to keep you interested, be sure to read this book alone (with one hand free, if possible. Or use some kind of hands-free toy and treat yourself!)

Stay kinky!


“You know, before this goes any further, I’m really not on any birth control…” She panted, fumbling with my belt buckle and zipper to free my desperate cock.
“Fuck, that’s hot…” I hissed, looking down to watch her hands work frantically at releasing me.
“Did you bring condoms with you, then?” She gasped breathlessly, finally freeing my cock. It sprang out from my clothing with a satisfying ‘slap’ against her palm, accompanied by a giggle.
“I didn’t…” I sighed back, my hands pawing at her dress. “I’m not here to pretend to breed you, Katie… I’m here to actually breed you…”

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