Having My Boss’s Secret Baby

Having The Boss's Secret Baby

The second story in the erotic pregnant shorts is out today, and boy is it kinky! (Yet surprisingly romantic) Get your copy here.

The second story in the new series starts in a very different way to the first. If that was sweetness and light, and two friends helping each other, this is more about desperate times and dark demands.

Sophie Greene has landed her dream job. But, her asshole of a boss isn’t going to give her an easy ride. It wouldn’t be so bad, except she would actually like him to ride her. He may be an asshole, but he’s an attractive one!

Mr. Wylde gradually pushes more and demands more of Sophie, until their ‘late nights’ at the office result in very little work done. But, he doesn’t stop there. Sex isn’t enough for Mr. Wylde. He wants Sophie to carry his baby. He wants to breed her…

For such a dark start, I assure you, dear reader, that the story ends in the usual ‘Phoenix Rose’ style. With a happy ever after ending, and everyone involved living their best life possible whilst having as much dirty sex as possible. Who could ask for more?

Stay kinky!


“Oh, I don’t want to simply fuck you, Sophie. I want to breed you…” His hot breath in the shell of my ear sent spine-tingling shivers everywhere, and it took every ounce of self-control I had not to pounce on him then and there.
“What… what does that mean?” I whispered back, seeking greater clarity to his shocking statement.
“If you’re on birth control, I want you to come off of it.” He answered plainly, whirling my chair around to face him before leaning in close to my personal space. “I want to make you pregnant, Sophie. I want you to carry my child, and the heir to all this…”
He stared deep into my eyes with a primal lust I’d never felt from anyone before, ever. It resonated with something deep inside of me, awakening something I didn’t even know was there.
Breeding? Just hearing the word out loud had my panties even damper than they’d ever been and my nipples so hard under my shirt they could cut glass.

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