Genderswap bundle – 5 stories in one!

5 Gwap shorts Bundle

All 5 stories from the ‘Genderswap shorts’ series – in one easy to read, even easier to buy and super saving discount bundle! Get your copy here.

Another bundle, this time with plenty of genderswapping fun, and a little pregnancy, all with a touch of romance. And heat. Tonnes of heat and sexy scenes! Enjoy a short sample from each story below:

Magic panties turned me into a sexy futa

Making tiny little circles over the mysterious wet folds underneath me, little fireworks of pure pleasure detonated inside of me with alarming ferocity.
“Fuck…” I gritted my teeth, every muscle inside of me tensing expectantly. “Is this how good it feels to be a woman?” I gasped, asking no-one in particular.
The pleasure my fingers were supplying me with soon found its way to an area slightly north of where I was touching. Directly to my cock.
With a gasp, I realized the material of my new, magical panties was already stretched to their breaking point. Any more growth from my cock and they would definitely break.
Fumbling with the elastic waistband, I freed myself with an enormous sigh.

Turned Into a Girl And Made Pregnant By Aliens

Looking down at my body, I didn’t recognize one single part of it.
Starting from my perspective, long blonde ringlets framed my vision. I’d never had long hair in my life.
Following their trail, they lead my view to the bountiful cleavage I was now the proud owner of.
Huge, soft mounds of flesh had grown from my chest. I was painfully aware of just how sensitive my nipples were now, too. They restricted my view to most things below them, but I could feel the rest of the changes.
My waist shrunk to a much smaller size than it was. Looking lower, I saw my lower half had filled out wonderfully. The sight of curvy, sexy, wide hips greeting me and causing me to gasp.
My ass filled out, too. Becoming so curvy, it pushed back against the metal surface behind me in a strangely satisfying way. Then there was the important part. The bit in-between my legs.
Far from feeling an erection there, or an unimaginable amount of damp, quickly cooling cum dripping from me as my orgasm subsided like I’d expect to find, there was an absence of anything there.

Genderswapping The Alpha

What had that bitch done to me? She’d only grabbed my junk for a second and now I looked like this? How was this possible?
She’d said she was a witch, but I thought she was just being playful. Dressing the part and pretending. It looked like I was wrong, and now she’d turned me into a woman. Not just any woman, a horny-as-fuck one.
I sat on the toilet, my urges clawing away inside of me, demanding release. There was a worried feeling in the pit of my stomach as I tried to comprehend what was happening to me.
But, more powerful than any thoughts or feelings, was a desperate, gnawing need. My pussy was hungry. Hungry for cock.

Our Male To Female Magic Experiment

“I’d just gotten used to this new body and now it’s changed again already!” He complained before a more somber look flashed behind his eyes. “I suppose you think I look horrible now? All giant and pregnant?” He asked whilst swaying from side to side and proudly showing off his giant pregnant belly. It was obvious he liked it, and was taking the whole thing easily in his stride.
“Actually, I can kind of see the appeal…”
“Oh, yeah. It’s not just your belly that’s bigger, it’s everything. Give us a little twirl, sexy.” Hearing me call him ‘sexy’ had an immediate effect on him, and a could see a brief twinge of lust shooting though his sexy new body.

Frat Party Genderswap

“There. Now you are a woman. How do feel, sexy?” The smile stayed on her lips and I wanted to devour her whole. She looked so good with her smeared dark purple lipstick all over her face.
“I feel…I feel…horny. Horny and fertile…” I growled the words from somewhere deep inside of me in a voice not my own. I also felt something else was different. Something I couldn’t fully explain.
“Anything else you feel? Anything you need?” the witch emphasised the last word and the smile on her face grew even larger.
“I feel like…like I need cock. So much cock…I need to be bred…” I snarled, my hands moving toward my unfilled belly; petite and flat now but full of fertile potential.

Stay kinky my gorgeous readers! More hot stories on the way!


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