Sharing My Husband With My Fertile Best Friend

Sharing My Husband with My Fertile Best Friend

New day, new story, new series! Prepare yourself for 5 of the hottest shorts involving pregnancy and breeding! Up first, a story about generous friends and some sexy first times! Get your copy here!

Sharing My Husband With My Fertile Best Friend introduces us to Eve, who is married with three children, and her best friend Olivia, who’s desperate to have children.

Eve, being the generous type, offers her husband Ben to Olivia. Well, offers the contents of his balls to get her pregnant, at the very least. But, there’s a catch. Eve doesn’t want Olivia to artificially inseminate herself, she wants her husband to fuck her best friend. What’s more, she wants to watch…

Sexy shenanigans ensue, once everyone’s agreed to certain ‘terms’. But, when the big day comes, will Eve be content to watch, or will she want more? Read this super hot short story to find out!

Stay kinky!


“So, why did you girls wait?” Ben asked. The question was innocent enough, possibly bordering on naïve. Olivia and I exchanged glances, and I could feel the passion behind her eyes. It sent another jolt of pure lust directly between my legs and I thought I’d might have to take care of myself before anything even started if the sexual tension in the room increased any more.
“Dear, sweet Ben. We waited for the right time in my cycle, silly.” She secured him with the same look she’d just shot me. “We were waiting till I was fertile…”

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