Our Male To Female Magic Experiment!

Gswap 4 Married

Book 4 in the ‘Genderswap shorts’ series is out today! And boy, is it a kinky one! (they all are, but it bears repeating sometimes) Get your copy here.

This book is written from Amanda’s point of view. A happily married woman who (maybe) wants kids but definitely doesn’t want to carry them. Enter her friend Keiko with a perfect solution: magic gender swap potions!

Offering her husband Eddie his first, he drinks it down without fully thinking through what it’ll mean. What neither of them realize is just how sexy Amanda finds her husband’s new body, and how much he enjoys her being in charge for a change. Especially the way she wields her brand new, giant cock…

Now the shoe is on the other foot, and Eddie is going to be the one carrying the children. Is he really ready for his body to change so dramatically twice in one weekend? This couple will sure have a lot of fun finding out, and I hope you do to as you read along (and maybe more? Kindle’s only require one hand, after all…)

The next, and final book in the series is an old one: Frat Party Genderswap. Stay tuned for the next series of shorts (which I already have a theme for, just not a name!)

Stay kinky!


“Yeah… it’s just not the nicest feeling at all. Kinda like burning and… oh!” A noise of pure shock left me as the burning sensation vanished in an instant, replaced by the much more pleasant one of pure arousal. Only different from what I was used to.
Instead of a warm, wet pooling sensation in my panties, there was a pressure there. An extra flow of blood. A… stiffness. Oh god, I definitely had a cock now.
The look of pure fear on my face scared my husband.
“What? What is it?”
“Oh, fuck! It… it’s my… my cock.” I grumbled my response. There was a restricting feeling like the damn thing might break at any moment, pain shooting from my crotch to create a low, dull throb all the way to the pit of my stomach.
“Your… cock? What about it?” Eddie tried to take it all in his stride, although his expression matched my own. At least, I think it did. I couldn’t be sure, but I think I spotted something else within him, too. Was it… anticipation?
“Feels like it’s going to snap! Does it always feel this bad?” I grumbled, desperately undoing the lower half of my clothing to release it.
“No… only when it’s… what the fuck!” My husband’s girly voice shifted an entire octave as my hard cock sprung forth with intent the moment I’d released it from the confines of my restrictive clothing.
“Ahhh. That’s much better.” I sighed contentedly, the fresh air and feeling of release like nothing I’d ever known.
“Fucking hell, Amanda! Your cock! It’s huge!” Following his gaze, I peered down at the monumental shaft of flesh jutting upward and outward from my body.

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