5 Filthy Futa Tales Bundle

5 Futa Shorts Bundle FINAL

5 filthy futa stories… all in one discounted bundle! Get your copy here.

Here it is, another day another bundle! This time collecting 5 of my hottest futa short stories. Note! My Roommates Panty Surprise is an older story, but it fit well with the theme (and isn’t part of any other bundle at the moment.)

Here’s a quick synopsis of all 5 stories, with a tiny taster from each too!

First Time Domination By My Futa Ex-Girlfriend

After a break up, our hero accepts an invitation by his ex, Kym. After arriving at her place, he finds she’s more than willing to explore some of his femdom fantasies… and to push them to the limit thanks to her new ‘growth’…

“Can I please suck your tits? Please?” I begged. My voice sounded so different I barely recognized it coming out of my mouth. It was so small and submissive. It was the side of me I’d longed to explore for so long.
“Ask nicely. And call me ‘Goddess’.” One eyebrow cocked, a look of total dominance in her expression. I nearly came from the sheer power she had over me in this moment, and if she’d asked me to, I knew my cock would shoot spurt after spurt of cum till I was spent without even touching it. Just to please her.


My Dirty 1st Date Futa Surprise

Ian and Chloe have been chatting online. With the promise of ‘something different’, Ian can’t refuse a real life meeting. Then the fun really begins…

“So… do you show all your dates your cock when they first meet you?” I chanced to ask as we walked back to her place, holding hands.
“No, just the special ones.” She smiled back. Her expression was so sweet, so charming. It disarmed me just how much it contrasted with the indecent act of revealing herself back at the diner. That, and the filthier mind behind the gesture.


Hotwife’s Futa Friend

Told from the wife’s perspective, she decides it’s time to let her husband join in with her extra-marital fun. She chooses her friend Alex, whom her husband already thinks is a super-hot woman. What he doesn’t know, is that Alex also has a bigger dick than him, which she uses to please his wife as often as possible. By bringing everyone together, she hopes everyone involved will have a night they’ll never forget!

“What the…?” He whispered quietly before Alex reached underneath herself, pulling her panties to one side, letting her cock spring out from its hiding place.
“You see, husband darling, we don’t use dildos because we don’t need to… Alex has more than enough to keep me satisfied…” I wrapped my fingers around Alex’s stiffening cock and gave it a few decisive tugs, thrilling to the feeling of it swelling against my palm.


Genderswap: Transformed Into A Hot Futa

Evelyn is the heroine of this story. Whilst researching solutions to modern fertility problems, she discovers a strange side-effect to her latest serum… it makes her grow a huge cock! Not only that, the cock appears to have a mind of its own, as Evelyn’s normally shy demeanor vanishes. In its place is a raging libido that wants to have fun with men and women!

Melissa’s eyes were wider than I’d ever seen in my life as she tried to comprehend the enormous shape jutting out from my body at a severe angle. Pointing directly toward her. Demanding her full attention.
“Evelyn… have your tits grown, too?”
“That’s what you’re focussed on? Really?” I chided with a raised eyebrow.
I watched with a smirk on my face as her gaze wandered to the rest of my body. My breasts spilling out from my shirt. The flushed look on my face. The pools of spunk on the floor between my knees.
“Oh my god, Evelyn. Have you already… played with it?”


My Roommate’s Panty Surprise

Ryan isn’t sure what to expect when he sneaks into his roommate Drew’s room for a quick sniff of her panties. What happens when she catches him is something he never could have imagined. Quickly getting used to the idea the hot girl he had a crush on can also grow a cock, she introduces him to even more delights; mainly sharing him with her dominatrix friend Justina!

“Oh, he is a pretty little slut!” Justina cooed, striding toward me like a predator about to devour its prey, every step making her high-heels clack loudly on the hard wooden floor and her breasts jiggle from the force of the impact.


Stay kinky!


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