Transformed Into A Hot Futa!

Futa short 4 Science

The fourth short story in the ‘Futa Shorts’ series is out today. Get it here (free with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription)

For this tale, I decided to switch things up a bit from the usual futa transformation stories, and have a woman become a futa instead of a guy. Growing a massive, oversized cock after a science experiment gone wrong, our hero Evelyn soon finds brand new erotic feelings overwhelming her.

Her gorgeous assistant Melissa is the first to ‘stumble’ upon Evelyn’s new growth, and she’s just as eager to experiment with it as its owner.

Later on, Evelyn wonders what it might feel like to get with a guy, so she arranges a hook-up with her friend Kyle. All of this takes place within the course of one day only! Phew! That’s a hot 24 hours!

Wrapping up the tale with a happy ever after ending (financially and professionally, too this time!) I hope you’ll find this story a fun, super-hot read. If you like the change of a woman genderswapping instead of a guy, please get in touch and let me know!

Stay kinky!


“So, do you want to see my ‘big’ surprise?” I teased, twirling the loose belt of the silk bathrobe I was wearing. I wasn’t wearing anything under it, and I think Kyle knew this. I was also willing to bet he thought my ‘big’ surprise was my breasts.
It was true they were bigger than he remembered them ever being, another side effect of the serum, but they weren’t what I was talking about.
“Yes, please.” He asked nervously, his voice cracking.
I smiled. It was time.
Opening my robe slowly and letting it drop to the floor, I stood in front of him, completely naked.
His eyes widened more than I’d ever seen in my life, darting everywhere as he tried to take everything in all at once. I could feel the hunger behind them, but also the shock. The fear as they registered the large, fleshy shape hanging between my legs where he expected to see a pussy.
“Evelyn… have you always had a…?” I giggled.
“Nope. That’s new. As is the extra growth in these.” I cradled my new, heavier breasts, lifting them upward to present them more enticingly.
“Wow! They are bigger! Not that I checked them out before… I…” He caught himself, awkwardness and tension gripping him to the spot. “How did this happen?” He asked after he’d collected his thoughts.
“This is a lovely ‘side effect’ from my years of extensive research. Do you like it? Are you curious to know what it feels like?” I hissed, letting my breasts go before wrapping a hand around my quickly stiffening shaft.
His expression was one of pure shock. I could only imagine what he was going through, having a long-time friend hit on him and then reveal she was sporting a massive cock. I couldn’t help but let out a small giggle.
“Well, if how hard your cock’s anything to go by, I think you’re more than a little curious…”

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