Hotwife’s Futa Friend

Futa short 3 3 some

The third short in the ‘Futa shorts’ (not actual clothing) series is live now. Read it here on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Our third tale in the series sees our hotwife heroine inviting her futa friend Alex for a filthy weekend of fun with her unsuspecting hubby. He knows they’re all going to have some kinky fun, but he has no idea Alex is packing a secret, extra special ‘surprise’. His wife knows he’ll enjoy the experience, but she knows she’ll enjoy watching the surprise on his face even more! Cue sexy, kinky, threesome fun times!

Enjoy this book as a standalone story or as part of the Futa shorts series. More kinky fun on the way!

“Is it… is it real?” He fumbled with his crotch, desperately trying to adjust it so fresh blood could flow freely to his arousal.
“Oh yeah. One hundred percent real. And one hundred percent ready for whatever you want to do…” Alex cackled. I could feel her laughter vibrating all the way through her shaft, a fresh flood of wetness soaking my panties.
“So… what do you want to do with it?” I teased my husband, holding Alex’s cock firmly in my grip and pointing it directly toward him.
His face was still one of pure shock, but his body knew exactly what it wanted; if the red flush in his face and the sizeable lump in the front of his jeans were anything to go by.
“Oh, I think he wants to try everything.” Alex hissed, licking her lips and moaning with lust as I pumped her thick cock a few more times. “The newbies always want to try everything…”
“Is that right? Everything?” I echoed her statement, looking from her lust-filled gaze to my husband’s prone form. He simply nodded. “Everything it is, then…”

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