My Dirty 1st Date Futa Surprise!

Futa short 2 1st Date

Futa short 2 out today! Get your copy here.

The second short in the series sees hapless Ian engaging in some harmless online flirting with the gorgeous and exotic Chloe. After she tells him there’s ‘something different about her’, he’s far too curious to pass up the opportunity to meet with her and discover what’s ‘different’ about Chloe!

This quick, steamy short has tonnes of heat packed into it, along with a little self-discovery and a happy ever after ending for our kinky couple. What more could you want?

Enjoy this erotic tale as a standalone story, or as part of the ‘futa shorts’ collection it belongs to for even more hot futa fun!

Stay kinky!


Her eyes widened the moment the words were out of my mouth. I noticed her cock visibly ‘jump’ with expectation, and I shifted closer to her.
“Do… do you think you’ll be able to fit it all in your mouth?” She blinked, her gaze flitting between holding eye contact and glancing at her rapidly hardening cock.
“Only one way to find out…” I whispered, lowering myself off the couch we were sharing.
Kneeling between her legs, her cock inches away from my face, I realized how difficult it might be to suck this thing. From this angle the thing wasn’t just big, it was downright huge.
Taking a deep breath, I wrapped my hand around it and started pumping the hard flesh into my palm.
“Oh, Ian… that feels so good…” Chloe whimpered, her small, girly voice a strange contrast to the large cock which was the source of her pleasure.
I loved the way it felt it my hand. It was a somewhat familiar sensation, having spent the better part of my teenage years and every day since playing with one of my own, and yet completely different.
For one thing, when my cock was hard it didn’t swell so wide it pushed my fingers apart. Not to mention the fact I’d never seen one from this angle before. It not only looked big, it looked angry. Desperate with need as huge veins protruded from the shaft, pulsing in my hand mere inches from my face.
As I kneeled between her legs on the floor, I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. There was no way I could fit this thing into my mouth. Even just the head was going to be a stretch, unless I was willing to dislocate my jaw.
But, spurred on by how much pleasure I was providing her and the appreciative noises coming from her from a simple hand job, I mustered up enough courage to give it a shot…

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