First Time Domination By My Futa Ex-Girlfriend

Futa short 1 ex Gf

Taking a break from the sunny shores of the Fert Isle, there’s some seriously hot quick futa tales waiting to be told! Read the first one here!

Not much to type here, it’s all right there in the title! This is a kinky little tale I’m proud of. It sets the scene, builds you up and delivers a satisfying climax all in under an hour! Phew!

Stay kinky!


“Kym? What the… how the hell… what?” I stumbled, struggling to form anything resembling a coherent sentence in the presence of the massive cock sticking out from my ex-girlfriend’s tiny, curvy, feminine body.
“What? Don’t you like it?” She teased, swaying her hips from side to side. Her huge, semi-turgid length bobbed and weaved comically along with her movements.
“I…” I continued to wrestle with my cognitive decline in the presence of something so strange. So awe-inspiring. So sexy.
“I think he likes it…” Her eyes went to the enormous bulge of my crotch, twitching and growing even more since her big reveal.
I didn’t know what to say. It was the things dreams were made of. My ex. Still gorgeous, still feminine, but now with something very masculine protruding out from her body.
It was the best of both worlds.
“Is it permanent?” I swallowed hard. So many questions came to mind, but that was the first one I could actually give voice to.
“Oh no, I can ‘grow’ it or make it go away whenever I want. All I need is one little pink pill.”
“Where did you find the pills?”
“I told you, I’ve been doing research. Now, do you want to know how I got it, or are you more interested in doing something with it? Now that it’s right here, staring you in the face and begging for some attention…” Her voice trailed off, her hand wrapping slowly and deliberately around the thick, rapidly swelling shaft.
“I would like to do something with it… please…” I whimpered, in a small voice I didn’t recognize coming from myself.
“Good boy, remembering your manners.” She slowly tugged at it, pulling her foreskin back to reveal the shiny, precum soaked purple head.
“Suck it.”

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