Adventures On The Forbidden Fert-Isle Part 4!

Fert Isle 4 final V2

Part 4! This time it’s an older, more experienced woman visiting the island. Read her story here!

Part 4 sees Vanessa visiting the island. In stark contrast to our previous heroine, Janey, Vanessa is experienced and not shy at all. She knows what she wants, and she knows exactly why she’s visiting the island.

Vanessa already has a family. But, she misses the feeling of being pregnant. Her body changing, her curves blossoming, the whole thing. Upon hearing about the island, she knows she simply has to visit. If only to experience it all once again. Especially her breasts being filled with milk. And if there happens to be a few men on the island willing to help her drain them, then that’s even better for her…

Vanessa’s story was really fun to write, contrasting well with the previous tale. I hope you enjoy the change in direction, and it puts you in a super summer mood being on the beach and maybe just a little thirsty for something different…

Stay Kinky!


“Would any of you like a real drink?” I offered myself, cupping my swollen breasts, which felt like they were growing by the minute.
Applying the merest amount of pressure, two silvery streams of liquid shot out from my nipple in long, impressive arcs. Some landed on the glass table in front of me, the rest splattering and soaking into the material of my swimsuit.
No one needed another word of an invite.
“Me first!” Someone to my immediate left called out, falling over himself to get closer.
I giggled as his hand replaced mine, cupping my breast roughly as his mouth attached to my erect, enlarged nipple.
Immediately sucking as hard as possible, the seal his mouth created formed a vacuum. It forced more of my sweet milk out of me than my hands alone could, and the release was more exquisite than I’d ever felt before.
“Oh, fuck! I remember what this feels like…” I hissed, clutching my breasts as the familiar pressure which had building up behind them was finally relieved. “Only it was never this good…” My words became little more than a moan as the tanned, blonde-haired guy suckled on me for all he was worth.
“If one’s good, perhaps two would be better?” A well-spoken voice pulled me out of my head, my eyes opening with curiosity.
I needn’t have bothered. By the time my vision had returned to normal, his face was below my field of view, only the top of his head visible as he greedily sucked on my other breast.
“Oh! Fuck…” I moaned, stroking the back of both men feeding from me, the mixture of the feeling of relief and pleasure so potent my head swam like I was on some sort of euphoric drug.

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