Adventures On The Forbidden Fert – Isle Part 2!

Fert Isle 2 final V2

Part 2 of The Fert – Isle series is out today! These hot stories are exactly what you need to kick off your very own summer of love! Get your copy here (free with Kindle Unlimited)

In the second of our trips to the magical Fert Isle, we meet Sam; a curvy girl who knows what she wants. She wants to be bred. Badly.

A friend convinces Sam that a visit to the island is just what she needs to explore her breeding fetish, but without being too forthcoming with details.

Sam goes along for the ride, hoping to experience something she’s longed for as long as she can remember. What she’s not expecting is just how powerful the magic of the island is, or how overwhelming her desires become. Not to mention the speed of her transformation…

Involving a bit of self-love, a bit of hooking up with the hotel staff and one seriously sexy scene with another holidaymaker, Nathan, Part 2 is the steamy story for anyone wanting to read about breeding urges gone wild, rapid pregnancies and more. It’s all tied up with a lovely happily ever after I’m quite proud of and hope y’all enjoy reading about Sam’s adventure on the island. Stay tuned for part 3!

Stay kinky!


The climax which had been threatening to explode inside of me tipped me over the edge seconds later, and my giggles morphed into howls of delight.
Every muscle in me fired at once, in a chaotic rhythm, and my hands traveled from my pregnant tummy to my breasts. Filling my palms with their now firm shape, I squeezed both simultaneously, somehow trying to relieve the mysterious pressure which had been building up in them.
“Fuck!” Nathan cried out, moments before I felt a smattering of liquid landing all over my body like tiny raindrops. Opening my eyes once again, I watched open-mouthed as little fountains of milk erupted from my now huge, dark nipples.
“I’m… I’m making milk!” I cried out, a sense of joy and relief washing over at me at a lifetime’s ambition and fantasy finally coming true.
Squeezing them harder, putting more pressure directly at the peak of my nipples, I found I was soon squirting jet after jet of the white liquid up into the air in tiny streams.

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